How to Detect a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

What is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

A wolf in sheep’s clothing refers to someone who disguises themselves as innocent and kind with the intention of deceiving those around them. If you know someone who externally appears to be kind-hearted but whose actions always prove the opposite, they are most likely a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These people are dangerous as they can walk into your life undetected and pretend to be your friends when, in reality, they only mean to use you.

There are 3 characteristics of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

1. They seem sweet but eventually reveal their true colors

It is impossible to adopt a fake identity without making mistakes every once in a while. This means that even though this person might appear to be sweet and innocent, they will sometimes slip up and reveal their true nature. In other words, they will not always be able to keep up the act and they will eventually show you their aggressive tendencies. When this happens, they will quickly do something to repair their image and continue deceiving you.

2. They manipulate people 

Someone who is kind-hearted and compassionate would never think to use or manipulate you. On the contrary, they would do their best to encourage you and help you follow your dreams. A wolf in sheep’s clothing would do the opposite. That is, they will pretend to be sweet and they will charm you so that you will fall for their tricks. Then, they will use you in order to gain more power and achieve their own goals.

3. Their stories never add up 

To keep up their false identity, a wolf in sheep’s clothing will rely on lying. Unsurprisingly, as time goes on, they will not be able to keep up with every lie they have told. If you start to notice that someone’s stories never seem to add up, you need to ask yourself why this is. More often than not, you will find that they are hiding something.

What should you do when you detect a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Call them out. When an imposter is called out, they will begin to panic as they will undoubtedly be caught off guard. An example of calling them out would be commenting on the fact that their story does not add up. Alternatively, if you believe that they are lying about their opinions and ideas so that they can fit in, ask them further questions regarding their beliefs. Of course, most imposters are skilled at manipulating, deceiving, and tricking those around them. Therefore, you need to be prepared and you need to be cautious.

In any case, you need to remember that you will often find yourself in the presence of wolves. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do to ensure that they do not hurt you or the ones you love is to detect them. When you identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you will be able to keep your distance and avoid falling into their traps.

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