The 5 signs of ‘a wolf in sheep’s clothing’ you have to be aware of

If you ever happen to find yourself in a competitive professional field, for example, you are very likely to stumble upon a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

This is a powerful form of imagery, as it describes the means by which manipulative people camouflage their true intentions and motives.

While the said individual may be seemingly kind and helpful towards you, you might be surprised to find out how they act when you are not around. A wolf in disguise always has his/her priorities straight and may do almost anything to achieve them at the expense of others, of course.

Therefore, here are the five signs of a wolf in disguise… 

1. They want to take power.

Typically, the wolf tends to use everyone around him/her as a means to an end in order to get what they desire out of a specific person or a situation. They are uninterested in what happens to others, as they are very focused on achieving their own goals. For instance, a wolf may purposefully try to hold you at a disadvantage in order to make themselves appear more qualified in the workplace.

2. Wolves seem delightful on the outside, however, beware of their claws.

They do so due to the fact that nobody would associate with them otherwise. They construct a friendly, well-mannered, and helpful facade with the help of which they successfully deceive. However, important to note is that they are not capable of keeping up with the aforementioned facade 24/7. Therefore, eventually, their negative tendencies will become very noticeable.

For example, a person who is in the business of breaking the law might be an active supporter of various forms of charitable foundations and causes. Needless to say, this is done in order to keep them out of any danger of being caught. If somebody brings it upon themselves to dismantle the truth or to criticize them, you could be certain that the wolf will retaliate with full force in order to preserve his/her reputation.

3. They emotionally manipulate you.

Frankly speaking, this appears to be the ace up their sleeve when it comes to ‘influencing’ your perspective of them. They tend to dissect your emotional status, needs, as well as goals and, therefore, successfully cater to them in their pursuit of self-centered desires. The wolf would give you just enough of what you need in order to keep you ‘submissive’.

Thus, if your boss was such a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he/she would have no problem in guilt-tripping you to take fewer days off, as opposed to what you presumably wanted, as he/she would play with your feelings of insecurity, for example.

4. The charming wolf.

As already mentioned above, wolves are highly skilled in the manipulation of others. They tend to fabricate a substantial interest in you, as well as your aspirations with the means to make the ‘right’ impression- that they are invested in you. Nonetheless, when they accomplish this goal, you could easily see how the facade slowly starts to crumble. Why?

Well, because they would have already gained your trust. Now they would only have to ‘keep you on the hook’ which would require far less time and energy on their part. For example, a work colleague may start off as being your very close friend only with the intention to ‘dump responsibility’ onto you. Consequently, when you begin to feel mistreated, they would do something in order to charm you and keep you at their selfish side.

By doing so, you will keep doing what they intended for you to do.

5. They are inconsistent with their storytelling.

If you challenge a wolf in sheep’s clothing on their actions, you can rest assured that you will receive a fiery reaction. In fact, this is the only way to get an ‘aggressive’ reaction out of them, as you would deeply provoke them. So, when you do so, the person you are dealing with will start to search for plausible explanations for their actions. However, they would not be sufficient enough in order to persuade you, as they would lack sufficient logic.

A very classic example of such an instance would be in the situation when you have suspicions your significant other might be cheating. When you confront them, they would most likely become upset whilst desperately trying to come up with an explanation. Consequently, their story will have many faults due to their limited time for thought and you will realize their true nature and intentions.

In conclusion, the so-called “wolf in sheep’s clothing” is a person who utilizes manipulation in order to get a hold of your trust and later exploit it.

You would, in turn, become a mere tool in the pursuit to fulfill their own personal agenda. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, being aware of the above-mentioned traits and techniques would be of great benefit to you.

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