5 Ways to Hold It Together When Everything Else is Falling Apart

fall apart
There you are: You’ve got life by the tail, and everything is going your way. You’re the king of the hill. Nothing could take away from this perfect moment in time. Then out of nowhere, life delivers a hammer blow that sends your world into chaos. The next thing you know, this perfect little situation you’d worked so hard to create is cracking, and crumbling, and coming apart.
Unfortunately, for some of us, that is just how it goes. By no fault of our own, our worlds get shaken like a snow globe into a hectic, swirling mess, and we are left to deal with the fallout. Just because our lives may be falling apart doesn’t mean that we have to follow suit and fall apart with everything else. In fact, those are the moments to really dig deep, and focus on picking yourself up, and holding yourself together. Despite whatever is going around you. Maintaining that inner-strength is key to holding things together, and weathering whatever storms life may send your way.

1. Stay Positive.

Step 1: Keep your chin up. Moping around and wringing your hands isn’t going to do you one single ounce of good, so you might as well just skip that part of the process where you worry and fret about whatever situation life has thrown your way. Sure, the glass may just been flung off of the table, but it was half full – and always will be. Reach down, get a firm grasp on those boots straps, and get to pulling yourself up by them

2. Give up on Blame, Embrace Acceptance.

In life, shit happens. There is nothing we can do to protect ourselves from it, or to insulate ourselves from the effects. What we can do, is just accept that it is going to happen, no matter who’s fault it is. So many times in life when things go wrong, all people are concerned with is who’s fault it is. Life is not a car wreck, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, it matters what you do to correct the issue.

3. Quit Complaining, Start Acting.

When life drops bombs on your situation, I know as well as anyone, it’s really easy to sit around and complain about the crater. This leads to feeling sorry for yourself and feeling defeated. Feeling defeated is the only way to ever truly be defeated, so instead of complaining about something – fix it. Get your shovel out, and start filling in that crater that life created. You’ll find that the more you do to regain what it is that you’ve lost, the more fulfilled you feel. Eventually you can look back on the situation with pride, knowing that no matter what – you can fix whatever life decides to wreck.

4. Be Realistic.

Being realistic the the key to overcoming any obstacle in life. Pain is a temporary sensation, so the hurt that you feel right this second is not going to last forever. Time has a way of healing just about any wounds, no matter how grievous they seem right now. This principle goes the other way, too: avoiding the gravity of an issue is just as bad as blowing something out of proportion. Losing a limb and calling it “mereley a flesh wound”, is no more productive than getting a scratch and assuming you will die from it.

5. Remember Just How Awesome You Really Are.

In the end, you just need to remember that you are a rockstar, and that there is nothing that this life can throw at you that you cannot take on head-first. You’ve made it this far in the universe, and you’ve gotten this far in the journey of your life. You learn who you are in the hard times. You learn what you are capable of when you are challenged. Embrace who you have become as a person, and rely on no one else to get you through whatever life challenges you with.

Stick to these 5 basic things, and there is nothing that you cannot get through. Life is a beautiful struggle, and the sooner that you embrace it, the sooner you will conquer it.

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