If You Want To Get To Know Introverts Better You Should Read These 10 Things Which Are Typical For Them

Introverts are amazing yet often misunderstood.

Below are listed 10 things typical of them which could help you get to know these people better.

1. Prefer their own company

Introverts don’t intend to be rude to friends who invite them to social events but as they can’t maintain a too intense social life too many contacts with people could be extremely exhausting for them. Here’s why if an introvert has been going out a few nights in a row, they won’t be able to spend one more night in a crowded bar where they have to be socially active with strangers.

2. Avoid unnecessary conversations

Introverts seek meaningful interaction with others which means serious talks face to face with a friend or colleague who they are close with or have common interests with. Small talks or long phone calls are annoying for them because such kinds of social interactions are totally pointless and a waste of time.

3. Need some time alone

An introvert always prefers staying in watching TV or lying in the bed instead of going out with a bunch of people who discuss things he or she doesn’t care about. Actually spending time alone is absolutely necessary for the introvert. That’s how they restore their energy and emotional balance which they’ve spent while working, studying or performing other socially demanding activities.

4. They have a few friends

Introverts have a small group of friends. The other people in their circle are buddies and acquaintances introverts think they could only waste time with. And they don’t like wasting time. The friends of the introvert are reliable and have common interests with them. That’s why, a true introvert wouldn’t voluntarily spend more than 15 minutes in the company of a person they don’t have anything in common with.

5. Adore solitary activities

They dislike being among many people but adore doing things on their own. For example, they find it extremely romantic to spend time in the company of an exciting book. Their hobbies typically include all sorts of solitary activities such as reading, writing, walking or fishing. Here is what Brenda a true introvert shared with us:

Reading is my favorite hobby. I read whenever and wherever I can. I prefer it to talking to others. Reading a book is also a means of getting distracted from the nonsense people around me are talking about.

6. Won’t tell toothers how they feel

Introverts have difficulties in expressing their emotions, opinions or how they feel. So it could be hard for their close people to maintain a strong relationship with the introvert. Very often It’s impossible for someone as close as their parents or partner to make the introvert confess what he or she is going through.

7. Introverts are ambitious

Although they don’t demonstrate it openly most introverts are really ambitious. They are determined, have goals and pursue them. They usually work and act individually and are always after something they love and find interesting. If he or she doesn’t have a goal to fulfill they might get depressed. But here’s an important thing to mention. They need to like what they’re doing a lot. Otherwise, they’ll either giveup or end up unsatisfied even if they succeed in it.

8. Do things differently than the other people

Introverts do things at their own pace. They need more time to react or reply because they don’t want to do or say something inappropriate or mislead others by giving a wrong answer. So, introverts carefully plan what they say to others. Furthermore, they find it hard to work under pressure and work less efficiently in a tenseatmosphere. On top of that, introverts need sufficient time to solve personal or professional issues.

9. Try to hide their true colors

Many introverts seem not to understand that they’re blessed with a difficult yet unique personality. That’s why they often try to hide their true colors and hardly ever reveal what they really want but try to act the way others expects them to instead. For instance, the introvert would engage in conversation because they want to be polite, respected or accepted by others.

10. Deep thinkers

Introverts are all but shallow as they tend to ponder the profound things in life. They also can focus on different tasks more easily because of their ability to ignore unimportant stuff. Their imagination is vivid and their inner world’s rich as they spend most of their time in it.

Instead of final words, I would like to say that as an introvert myself I think in this extraverted world, being an introvert is not easy. That’s why, If introverts want to be happy we need in the first place enough courage and confidence to openly admit we’re ones.

How to do that?

Maybe the first step is not to care that much for the opinions of the people who judge our individualism and overlook our worth. We’re special too because we’re blessed with so many great qualities. Not everyone out there is a deep thinker or mind their language in order not to offend or hurt others. So introverts shouldn’t try to live up to society’s expectations. They deserve to live their lives happily the way they want to.

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