7 Amazing Characteristics of Deep Thinkers

Are you one?

Have you ever considered yourself to be a deep thinker?

One who roams the world searching endlessly for wisdom by distilling knowledge, experience, nature and understanding? Someone who would rather remain quiet than contribute unnecessarily to a conversation?

If this notion is your ideal, you might just have some good traits, as we explore here, that are characteristic of deep thinkers:

1. Deep thinkers analyze every experience.

Call it a blessing or a curse, but deep thinkers tend to wander off in the realm of their own thoughts, easily dodging the gossip and trivialities that occupy most. They instead prefer to spend time in deep analysis of things past, present and future, finding all possible links to their present experiences. They can become nostalgic as they dwell on the past, but prefer to also prepare for the future.

2. They tend to live in isolation.

Deep thinkers spend most of their time in their heads, neither desirous nor needy of the company of others. They tend to be introverts and often live alone. This is all because they have a tendency to process information deeply, and they need their own space and time in which they can do that.

3. They are naturally empathic.

Just because they tend to be introverted doesn’t mean deep thinkers are cold and shut people out or down. Deep thinkers consider so much of what is going on and are often wise to the energies and forces bearing down upon us. As such, they tend to be of an empathic nature. They are incredible emotional, active listeners and are patient, giving you their undivided attention.

4. They have various perspectives on the world.

Instead of being tied down to a particular ideology, religion or other faction, deep thinkers see the world from multiple angles and are able to draw perspective from all of these angles, observing people and their interactions and using that to strengthen their own understanding… Doing so leads to a kind of enlightenment; we are apt to call it wisdom.

5. They are often forgetful.

This may seem odd, as you’d think anyone who spends so much time in their own head could at least remember to bring home the milk and the toilet paper. In reality, deep thinkers are so focused on their ruminations that they do become quite forgetful of easy or everyday tasks and chores.

6. They are always eager to learn.

Learning something new simply increases the deep thinker’s understanding of the universe at the level of that subject or item or motor or interaction. Deep thinkers are keen learners; otherwise, where would they get their keen interests to pore over and ruminate upon?

7. They’re some of the most open-minded people you’ll ever meet.

As deep thinkers’ currency is their wisdom, they rarely cast aside an idea or notion without strongly considering its whole character first. From nuclear war to genocide to global climate patterns to the way rain feels when it falls upon one’s face, deep thinkers are the likeliest to consider all of these things before writing any of them off…if they do.

You can trust a deep thinker to listen to you with their mind wide open.

Do you embody these characteristics?

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments.

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