6 reasons why cutting toxic family members out of your life is vital.

Toxic people are everywhere around us, including in our families. Yet, cutting family members off can be awfully heartbreaking.

As we grow up, we learn that family is the most important entity in life. Family associates with support, appreciation, care, and love. These are perhaps the strongest connections we build in life. Our relatives are supposed to be there for us no matter what. They are the ones who bring happiness and wholesomeness in our lives. The ones who shield us from dishonest and immoral people.

However, sometimes our family members can harm us much more than anyone else. Because they know us so well, they can easily take advantage of us. Instead of making us happy and peaceful, some relatives suck every little happy thought we might have out of us. Oftentimes, this makes us lose sense of what’s real and what’s not. We even start doubting ourselves, which leaves us mentally damaged for years.

Even if they are a part of our family, toxic people are extremely dangerous to be around.

Any interaction with such a person can leave you with deep emotional wounds. The best thing you can do in suchlike situation is to block this person out of your life, no matter how difficult it may be. That’s probably the only way to save yourself from their negative impact on your wellbeing.

Below are listed 6 reasons why you should immediately cut toxic family members off.

1. They intentionally bring drama into your life.

Creating unnecessary drama is one of toxic people’s evil superpowers. Maybe you decided to trust your relative with a secret or a dream you have for the future. And then, they used it against you and made you feel vulnerable and insecure. Does that sound familiar? At first, they pretend they truly care about you, and then, they backstab you without thinking twice about it.

2. They envy your success.

Whenever something great happens in your life, you rush to share it with your family. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy for your achievements. Some family members hate to see you succeeding and fulfilling your goals. Perhaps, this makes them feel bad about themselves. Instead of being proud of you, they undermine you, as if what you achieved was nothing. Moreover, they will do anything to make sure you feel worse than them.

3. They’re constantly judging you.

They are always being negative and judgemental around you. Rather than supporting you, they criticize every move you make. This way, they constantly point out your fears and insecurities. Not only this brings you down, but it also extremely lowers your self-esteem.

4. They talk behind your back.

Gossiping is one of the most unworthy things someone can do. Sadly, many toxic people use it against you, including family members. They constantly provoke you and mislead you, making you believe you can trust them. And the minute you turn your back, they use everything you told them to ruin you. What’s more, they even embellish the truth and purposely spread nasty lies about you.

5. They help you only if it’s in their favor.

A toxic relative will always seek your help whenever they’re going through tough times. They won’t hesitate to use every last bit of your energy. On the contrary, if it’s you who needs help, they vanish from the face of the Earth. They will show their support only if this will somehow benefit them.

6. They gaslight you.

Gaslighting is another one of the evil superpowers toxic people have. But when this comes from a family member, it can be even more damaging. You might even lose your sanity. This manipulative tactic, used by someone close to you, lets them play with your mind, and completely mess it up. They might even convince you they never did anything wrong, and in fact, you are the toxic one in the situation. And this struggle of yours, in a wicked way, will make them feel happy.

Hopefully, this will make you reconsider your relationships with the members of your family. Just because someone is a relative, it doesn’t give them the power to play with your feelings and to ruin your reality.

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