Best 7 Gifts to Make Her Heart Melt

Shopping for the special lady in your life? Maybe it’s her birthday, maybe you’re proactively approaching Valentine’s Day just around the corner, or maybe you’re making up for that lackluster Christmas gift (spoiler alert: nobody wants gift cards). Whatever the case may be—even if it’s “just because”—we have some suggestions for the top seven gifts guaranteed to melt your girlfriend’s heart.

1.Engraved Jewelry

Out of all the ways to say “I love you,” a piece of engraved jewelry ranks pretty high. Even if it seems like she has all the trinkets her heart could desire, a custom necklace or bracelet will outshine everything else in her jewelry box. Pick something small and refined, like these bracelets on Etsy.  Their dainty versatility will allow her to match them with every outfit in her closet—and think of you every time.

2.The Night Sky

Are you in a long distance relationship? Then how about giving her the night sky? Tell her you love her more than all the stars in the galaxy with a personalized poster from Greater Skies. They offer prints of the star coordinates based on a specific date, as seen from a specific location. Maybe it was the night of your first kiss, maybe it was the day you first met… she’ll be thinking about whatever day and place you choose every time she looks up at the night sky. Actually, she doesn’t even need to go outdoors for this romantic reminder; the beautiful artwork hung on her walls will always keep you close at heart.

3.Spa Basket

A spa basket is perfect for working women who are always on their feet. You see how hard she works day in and day out—show your appreciation with relaxing treats for her to indulge in. Rather than curating a gift basket yourself, you can easily swoop a spa basket from Lush, the Holy Grail of bathroom products. She’ll be floating on cloud nine with these assortments of bath bombs, oil melts, and massage bars.

4.Gizmos and Gadgets

Is your girlfriend obsessed with the latest technology? Then consider knocking her socks off with a shiny, new piece of hardware. You can go with smart home accessories that will bring her modern apartment into the future, or, if it’s within your budget, go all out with a brand-new laptop. It might cost a bit upfront, but consider it an investment into her long-lasting happiness. Not sure if you should go with a computer that features an SSD vs HDD? As a rule, more memory is better. If she’s a true techie, you probably want to go with the larger hard drive that’ll store everything she needs to run on her computer.

5.Camera Lens

If she’s already obsessed with social media, this might not be the route to go (we know how rough it can be to double as a personal Instagram photographer). But if she has a penchant for photography, pick up a camera lens that she can clip onto her phone can help her explore her creative side. Just don’t be surprised if she wants to show you off!

6.A Gorgeous Purse

For the fashionista in your life, think about gifting her with a stunning designer bag. They’re practical, functional, beautiful, and sure to see plenty of day-to-day use. Get something made with premium quality so it’ll last her quite a while (and if you don’t want to break the bank, head over to an outlet like Nordstrom Rack).

7.The Gift of Experience

All of these material items are guaranteed to make her smile from ear to ear, no doubt. But we’ll always suggest going for memories over materials. If you want to go above and beyond with your gesture of love, plan a surprise trip you two can take together. Choose a place you’ve always dreamt of, print out a few iconic photos, and put them in a card with the details of your itinerary. If you really want to amaze her, research some flights, clear the time off with her boss, book the trip, and show her the confirmation! We’re willing to bet her jaw drops to the floor.

Don’t get too hung up on whatever route you decide to go in. It’s always the thought that counts, and any gesture of love will make her heart melt. After all, the best present is you!

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