The Evolution of Technology and the Birth of Life Changing Gadgets

Technology has evolved since the discovery of using certain tools and resources to our advantage to help improve our way of life on this planet we call Earth.

Now in the year of 2018 we have moved from animal drawn carts to smart cars as a means of transportation.

Taking a look into what the first forms of technology were and how they helped benefit our planet will also give a better understanding about how technology designed the use of gadgets which have proved to be life changing. Smartphones being a key example, how on earth could millennials survive without them? Absolutely devastating just thinking about it! But then, if you think about how granny and granddad couldn’t function without their favourite eBook or game of Solitaire on the PC, should we really be having a laugh at the poor millennials that, let’s be honest, we also couldn’t survive without our smartphones and internet banking. And so along with the evolution of the generation before us, technology has prevailed and overcome glitches – revolutionising the world of users that enable technology.

The use of the word ‘technology’ has a vast amount of meaning behind it, making it nearly impossible to pin point the very first invention that shook the world. This is mainly because of how people look at technology and what it means to them. The very first impact that technology made on the masses, which is debatable, was the television. The first TV ever invented was in 1927 by a 21 year old inventor and was then later released to the American market in 1947.

Now you could say since the birth of the Television technology became sensational, as people were more aware of what could be created by using the latest technology available to them. But taking it one step further, were the inventors that thought of new and creative ways to improve technology itself. This created the birth of life changing gadgets that could well change one’s life by either making day to day responsibilities easier or quite literally save the life of a human being. Taking a look at what some of these gadgets are and what they can do may even get you thinking twice about buying that Go Pro.

Health Trackers

Garmin, Fitbit, Trax, VivoFit and other leading brands have all launched a variety of must have fitness gadgets. Each brand differs from the next; however they all keep count of the user’s steps taken for the day, activities that have been programmed into the tracker, calorie count and other vital information that is needed to improve one’s quality of life. Technology has allowed for most of these trackers to link up to one another so that users of the same brand across the world can challenge one another in order to get that step count up or track your sleep. How is this life changing you ask, well your answer is a simple one; by creating a gadget that encourages taking more steps, competing in health events and keeping track of progress made, people then generally tend to stay on the healthy path which in turn creates a better way of life for them.

The Luminion

Otherwise known as the ‘Smart Community-Based Candlestick’ this helpful and trendy little device allows the owner to track how much energy his or her house is using by changing colour and notifying the user. The information is sent to the companies’ smart cloud management system which then allows the user to compare their usage to that of the communities. This neat and pretty little gadget encourages users to save up to 20% of their energy consumption – a life changing amount for such a small gadget.

The Slot Machine

Invented in the late nineteenth century, the slot machine has become synonymous with casinos and Las Vegas and has also penetrated the online world. Invented by a mechanic in his basement, the slot machine, otherwise known as the fruit machine or pokie, was the birth of casino games in the modern era. There have been many forms of betting over the centuries but this was the first example of a mechanized form of gambling that soon became popular and addictive.

The ili Translator

Designed especially for the avid traveller, ili is a small portable gadget that translates a number of languages to your home language. The device is programmed to translate several different languages and in a matter of seconds. The user simply holds down the button, speaks into the device and there in the confines of this tiny gadget magic happens by sending the data back to the user translating to the language selected. This is a life changer for travellers finding themselves in a sticky situation and needing help or perhaps simply because technology has allowed people the opportunity to interact with fellow humans without actually having to learn their language.

These are only some of the gadgets that have quite literally impacted the quality of life for us as the human race. But what about the future? With technology evolving, what gadgets will be released in the future? With a little speculation and a bit of insight, 2020 or perhaps even after that, should hold a few of the following gadgets in its palm;

Implants or Devices to Wear to Monitor Health

Imagine an implant that automatically sends all your physical health data to your doctor, alerting him or her to any issues that may be caught in the nick of time. This could possibly be a game changer for both medical institutes and the user of such a gadget.

Self-Driving Cars

This may only be completely possible and legal in possibly only a decade’s time. Inventors are currently working on cars that don’t require drivers. And although that kind of progress may seem near to impossible, there are some situations where the car that has been invented can already drive itself. This could be a game changer for those with disabilities that may find simple tasks such as driving a challenging feat.

Smart Home Wireless Gadgets

We already have Alexa and inventors are hard at work to deliver a fully functional house that operates through voice activation. This may even be available to home owners within the year as progress seems to be made every day.

Technology has made life simpler for those that make use of it and each year holds the promise of something new.

With our current internet generation, it is almost thrilling to think of what the future may hold and if we will be privy to see some of the most fascination inventions in history.

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