Why Being Single Isn’t That Bad At All

Many of the unexpected perks of embracing the single life

In a world that often celebrates partnership and togetherness, deciding to be single is a path less applauded. Yet, choosing to walk alone, at least for a time, comes with its own set of unique advantages and experiences.

Let’s dive into the many unexpected perks of embracing the single life.

Unchecked Freedom

The charm of spontaneity cannot be overstated. Single? Feel like trying out a bizarre new hobby? Or perhaps spontaneously booking a trip to a city you can’t even pronounce? There’s no need to confer, negotiate, or compromise. Your time is distinctly, gloriously, your own.

Personal Growth

Think of the mettle it takes to navigate life’s ups and downs solo. Each hurdle faced alone is a lesson in resilience, independence, and self-reliance. The journey of self-discovery, unfiltered by the influence of a partner, often leads to profound introspection and self-awareness.

Financial Autonomy

With the bills and spoils resting squarely on one’s shoulders, singles often develop a keen sense of fiscal responsibility. But there’s also the delicious freedom to splurge on oneself without guilt or justification.

Unapologetic Self-indulgence

Want to eat cereal for dinner while binging an embarrassingly cheesy series? Or perhaps transform the living room into a DIY spa oasis? There’s no judgment here. Embrace those guilty pleasures.

Cultivating Diverse Relationships

Without a significant other to devote a large chunk of time to, many singles find themselves nurturing a broader spectrum of relationships. This might include deepening bonds with family, forging stronger friendships, or even establishing new connections in unexpected places.

Setting Your Own Pace

In a relationship, there’s often an unspoken timeline—first comes love, then… well, you know the drill. Being single? That pressure dissipates. You can chart your own course, be it in love, career, or personal milestones, without external expectations. Just stay single until you find someone who really deserves you.

Learning Self-love

Without a partner to shower you with affirmations, the task falls to you. This journey towards self-love and acceptance, although challenging, is immensely rewarding. Because when you find love within, you’re better equipped to share it with others in the future.

Flexibility & Adaptability

Without a partner to consider, it’s often easier to adapt to new situations or make quick decisions. Whether it’s a career change, a move to a new city, or just picking a new restaurant to try, singles often find themselves becoming more adaptable and open to change.

When you're single it's easier to dive into a new adventure right away.
When you’re single it’s easier to dive into a new adventure right away.



Uninterrupted Dreams & Goals

Got a vision of studying abroad? Or perhaps launching a startup? When it’s just you, there’s a clarity of purpose. Your dreams aren’t entangled or compromised by another’s aspirations. Pursue them with fervor.

The Joy of Solitude

While loneliness is real and valid, there’s a distinct difference between being alone and feeling lonely. The former can be a choice – an empowering one. It’s in those moments of solitude that we often find clarity, peace, and a renewed sense of purpose.


In essence, while society often sings praises of couples’ journeys, the solo trail is sprinkled with its own kind of magic. So here’s to the singles: the audacious dreamers, the unapologetic hedonists, and the resilient warriors. Your journey, with its unique blend of freedom and challenge, is every bit as beautiful and worthy. Cheers to celebrating being single in all its glory!

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