The Real Reason Empaths Choose The Single Life

“Sensitive people care when the world doesn’t because we understand waiting to be rescued and no one shows up. We have rescued ourselves, so many times that we have become self taught in the art of compassion for those forgotten.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Even though most of us dream of a strong and lasting relationship, some would rather be single and bathe in the freedoms that it gives.

And this is especially true for empaths.

Empaths are generally selfless, forgiving, sensitive, intuitive, and compassionate folk who develop deep and meaningful connections, but many of them function best on their own.

In all truth, empaths often end up in disastrous relationships. You might be aware that empaths have a deep capacity to understand others. They tend to absorb and get affected by everything negative that might come from the people they are with.

Because empaths can easily pick up on the energy that flows in a person, whether they want it or not, this makes their relationships more difficult than they need to be. They may get overwhelmed by their partner’s energies and this can lead to anxiousness and exhaustion. Often, they will avoid relationships out of fear of ending up consumed by them.

The empath in a relationship

Empaths are extremely sensitive to the emotions and energies others emit. Apart from intuitively understanding what others feel and think at a given time, empaths can also pick up on their mental, emotional and physical state.

Normally, they develop a strong connection with the ones they hold dear either during healing or physical intimacy. As they expose their hearts and their souls become vulnerable, unwanted energies can slip in and mix in with their own.

This can lead to complications when it comes to romantic relationships. Also, empaths are highly dependant on having their personal space and independence to recharge their batteries, which might not be easy for their significant others to come to terms with.

The empath’s love is deep and they give everything when in a relationship, as to them, meaningful connections are priceless. Unfortunately, being deeply intimate and close to someone can put their fuses out quite easily. Empaths often give a lot more to the relationship than they are given and this can mess with their emotions in a negative way.

Relationships are complicated and the chances that a relationship will last can become extremely low when an empath is involved. And this might be one of the main reasons why empaths, who are mostly introverted, choose the single life.

Where it gets complicated

Understanding people on a deep level comes naturally to empaths thanks to their highly intuitive senses. With little effort, they can decode the characteristics, motivations, emotions, and intentions others might be keeping hidden. But when they are emotionally invested with someone, their intuition often fails them and they ignore their gut and their voice of reason. The deep love they feel for their partner can thus easily cloud an empath’s judgment and intuition.

Maybe this is one of the key reasons why empaths often end up in the wrong relationships and develop toxic attachments with their partner. Hence, they can easily become the targets for narcissists who feed on their healing and caring nature.

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