Being faithful is way more than just not cheating

Contrary to what many may believe, being loyal and faithful is more than just not cheating.

To have a successful relationship, both partners need to be loyal and faithful. Nowadays, very few people understand what loyalty means as many believe that being faithful simply means not physically cheating on your partner. This belief is false as there are various other ways in which one can make their partner feel betrayed. Therefore, while it goes without saying that not cheating on your partner is a sign of loyalty, it is not the only thing that defines loyalty.

Being loyal also means:

1. Always being honest with your partner

Purposely hiding things from your partner is definitely not a sign of loyalty. Even if it might upset them, it is important to remember that the ugly truth is always better than a beautiful lie. More often than not, hiding things when you have done nothing wrong makes you look guilty; what is more, it has the power to erode the trust in the relationship.

2. Having your partner’s back even when they’re not present

Being loyal and faithful means standing up for the person you love even when they are not around. If you hear people badmouthing your partner and you stand by and say nothing, it is likely that upon finding out, your partner will feel betrayed.

3. Not cheating emotionally

In today’s world, cheating has taken on a different meaning. It is no longer just being physically intimate with somebody who is not your partner. Now, the rise of technology has made it easier for people to cheat emotionally. For example, although downloading dating apps and sending flirtatious DMs is not physically cheating on your partner, it is still a form of betrayal.

4. Being there when times are tough

Loyal partners stay by your side no matter how difficult times are. Regardless of how tough times may be, a faithful partner will be there to hold your hand and fight through hardships with you. If they run away when you need them most, they are certainly not loyal.

To sum up, being loyal is much more than just being physically faithful. It is about making your partner feel unconditionally supported, secure, and loved. 

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