Always appreciate your blunt friends – those who speak honest often love you the most

Everybody needs a blunt and honest friend.

The friends in our lives are the family we choose. They are supportive, loving, caring, and protective – as are we when it comes to them. In fact, they are the most important people in our lives: the ones we can rely on no matter what. Having a true friend means that you are truly lucky. This is especially true if they are an unapologetically blunt and honest friend. According to Stephanie Reeds, a writer for The Power of Silence, these are the reasons why you should appreciate your blunt friends. 

1. They do not sugarcoat the truth and this shows they care.

Their honesty and bluntness might initially throw you off as you may mistake them for being insensitive and rude. However, with time, you will begin to realize that their honesty shows that they care a tremendous amount for you. That is, by being unabashedly honest, they hope to make you see the truth and prevent you from hurting yourself. Reeds explains that these friends know that the harsh truth is always better than a comforting lie.

2. They will never lie to you and they own up to their mistakes.

People who never sugarcoat the truth will never lie to you. This means that they can also own up to their mistakes, be honest instead of lying or making up excuses, and apologize sincerely. Their inability to lie means that you will never have to second guess them or their intentions because a blunt, unabashedly honest friend cannot be a fake friend.

3. They know exactly what they want and fear almost nothing.

These friends encourage, motivate, and support you like nobody else could. By knowing exactly what they want in life and doing everything to make sure they get it, they act as living proof and inspiration that anything is possible. Their lack of fear and the faith in their abilities fuels the ‘tough love’ which they show you; for this reason, they urge you to do things outside of your comfort zone even when you are afraid because they know that you have all it takes to succeed.

Many people fail to appreciate that it is a blessing to have a friend like this. Even though you may initially be surprised by their brutal honesty, you will grow to understand that the things they say come from a place of love.

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