8 Super Honest Reasons That Prove Blunt Friends Are The Best Friends

The word blunt means that someone or something is uncompromisingly straightforward.

And who wants to be friends with such a person?

However, as strange as it may sound blunt people make perfect friends. There are psychological reasons for this, and the most important ones are their tendency to be expressive and unpretentious about themselves.

Usually, people hide their feelings to maintain good relationships with others, however, blunt people say the facts the way they are.

“I was tired of pretending that I was someone else. Just to get along with people, just for the sake of having friendships.” 
― Kurt Cobain

Blunt people do not try to flatter others or themselves.

As was beforehand mentioned, they tell things the way they are. There is a strong sense of honesty in these people. Blunt folks don’t intend to be offensive (most of the time), they’re merely explaining the things around them the way they perceive them.

 Most of the time, you’ll find, they are looking out for your interest.

And when and if this friend sees they have crossed a line in a friendship, they are willing to take responsibility and accept their mistakes.

Here are eight other super honest reasons why these people make the best friends:

1. They are honest

Even though they know that truth might hurt you, they would find a way to say it to you. And undoubtedly, an honest opinion is precious, no matter how you might feel when you hear it.

2. They know how to apologize

Saying when they are wrong can be hard for some people. For blunt people, admitting they’re wrong is much simpler. That is because they don’t have a dilemma saying to the others that they’re wrong, so why should they have a problem admitting it? Someone who is blunt will be responsible enough to tell when they’re wrong and won’t be scared to ask for an excuse for their actions.

3. They are fun to be with

Although their honesty may not be the most entertaining thing in the world blunt people know how to enjoy life. Usually, they don’t feel they have to obey the rules of society and don’t fear that much of the consequences. They are also the best drinking buddies.

4. They are open minded

As blunt people accept things the way they are they would not twist the truth or the facts just so that things could fit their ideas about life. That makes blunt people more or less open-minded because they are likely to accept different points of views so long they are authentic and represent the truth.

5. Blunt friends do not talk behind your back.

A blunt person is someone who expresses their thoughts. If you become friends with a blunt person, you could be sure that they will always say to you what they don’t like. Usually, people who pay you compliments too often also have a habit of talking behind your back. Having a straightforward friend saves you from this risk.

6. Your friendship is 100% real.

They might not be the model of perfection, and their nature might not meet the criteria imposed by society. But, being friends with a blunt person gives you the feeling of having a true friend in every way. They will have the most honest opinions of you. And who else could understand your personality better? Or see what stops you to achieve your goals? No other friend would be honest to the point of telling everything to your face.

7. They make you a better version of yourself.

When it comes to other people’s flaws, most people find it hard to tell their friends what they need to change in themselves. That is normal and is caused by the fear of insulting someone and risking our friendship with them, or by a desire not to harm our friends’ feelings. Blunt people wouldn’t take into consideration these factors. Instead, they will tell you exactly what you need to improve or to do. It might sometimes sound brutally honest, but it’s much better than being told sweet lies.

8. A blunt friend will never manipulate you.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t honest about their feelings or friendships. Often times people who we think are our friends might actually turn out to be nothing more than manipulators who enter our lives to achieve some personal goals. Such kinds of fake friends could easily mask their intentions and trick us into helping them. However, with a blunt friend, this could never be the case. Blunt people are super honest, and they prefer telling the truth no matter how harsh it might be rather than lying or pretending.

Throughout life, we’ve got different friends, but the best ones tend to the blunt friends.

Sadly, they, for the most part, are underestimated. They are perceived as rude when in fact they have the best of intentions when speaking their minds. If anything, when they are super honest to you, it indicates they care. Not everyone is blessed with a blunt friend, but if you are, you should not forget to let them know you appreciate their personality and friendship.

Do you have blunt friends?

Please, share your opinion of how they make you feel.

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