8 Alarming Behaviors Toxic People Display Before Taking Off Their Masks

Toxic behaviors come in different forms and can be nested in your friends, your family, your colleagues, and even your spouse.

Sure, there are no perfect relationships and from time to time we all make mistakes, but there are some individuals who will simply poison your existence if you let them stay in your life.

There are some people who, even if they are not evil by nature, are simply toxic for you because they bring out the worst in you. And that is why, if you wish to keep your mental health intact, you need to learn to spot them before their toxicity ruins you.

Take a look at the following 8 characteristics that toxic people commonly exhibit and remove them from your life as soon as you can.

1. They always want you to “prove” yourself to them

Toxic people have the ability to make you feel guilty for whatever may be happening between the two of you. Any time you are near them, you feel a strange need to prove your loyalty and your worth to them because they always make feel you’re not good enough.

2. They are unapologetic

Don’t expect a toxic individual to apologize to you for anything. These people have an enormous ego and they never even stop to think that they might be at fault. In their head, everyone else is a wrongdoer and needs to change to fit their standards.

3. They don’t reflect on their mistakes, they project them onto you

Toxic people refuse to take ownership of their negative actions, and instead try to shift the blame on you. They will tell you that you’re overreacting, acting crazy, and that something must be wrong with you. When things like that happen, always keep in mind that it’s not you, it’s all them.

4. They are master manipulators

They are experts at deceiving and manipulating others. Smearing, deceiving, cheating, is what they are best at. And maybe they’re not even doing it to cause you pain, it’s just how they’re wired, and they can’t help it.

5. They never give back

Toxic individuals love to take but hate giving back and returning favors. This is mainly due to their shallow nature. They also don’t like making compromises. It’s either their way or nothing at all.

6. They can drown you in negativity

Never share your good news and achievements with toxic people because they will always find a way to put a negative spin on them. They can’t stand breathing the same air as someone who has accomplished more than they have. No one is allowed to be better than them.

7. They love to exaggerate

But when it comes to their own successes, they always exaggerate to show off while putting others down for their “insignificant” in comparison achievements.

8. They are gossipers

This one is pretty simple. People who talk negatively about others behind their backs are toxic both for themselves and for everyone else.

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