9 telling signs your relationship is one-sided

Everyone knows that relationships require lots of effort and hard work to be healthy and long-lasting. Unfortunately, many people neglect that and leave their partners to carry the whole uphill battle on their shoulders, while they’re carelessly going with the flow. And the saddest part is, the ones that do whatever is needed to keep the relationship wholesome, are the ones that are usually getting hurt in the end.

A one-sided relationship is where only one of the partners truly cares about the future of this bond, while the other one makes little to no effort to prove their love.

All the support, consideration, sacrifices, and contribution come from only one of the partners. When you’re doing your best to make your significant other happy and to keep your bond from falling apart, but they couldn’t care less, that’s what being in a one-sided relationship feels like.

Dwelling on such a mentally exhausting connection is not worth your time, remember that. You deserve to be loved with the same passion and devotion you love. Here are 9 telling signs your significant other might have lost the special bond they once had with you.

In case you find these signs relatable, consider talking to your partner about the future of your relationship.

1. You don’t feel free to share your feelings with them.

When you’re spending time together, just the two of you, you feel the need to filter yourself to keep your partner happy. If you’re feeling sad or something bad happened at work, you keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself because you don’t want to bother them. On the other hand, you’re always open to listen to their problems and to offer them a shoulder to cry on.

2. You’re constantly overthinking their moves.

Since you’ve lost the strong connection between you, you can’t figure out why your partner is doing certain things anymore. You try to read their moves, but sometimes they seem too challenging to understand. That’s why you drown into countless thoughts about what may be hiding behind their words, or what’s going on in their head.

3. You’re always arranging your plans around them.

Whenever you’re making plans, it’s always you the one who needs to fit your schedule into theirs. It’s rarely the other way around. You’re always the one who has to cancel appointments, so you could make plans with your partner. On the contrary, they never call off their meetings for you, telling you they’re too important to be canceled.

4. You feel your relationship is falling apart.

Lately, you feel deeply insecure about the bond you have with your partner. You can see them slowly disconnecting from you. They act as if they are able to end what you have in the blink of an eye. This is one of the most certain signs your significant other might have lost the attachment they once had for you.

5. You’re always apologizing.

Whenever you’re having an argument, your partner always turns things in their favor and stage you to be the bad one in the situation. You’re constantly finding yourself apologizing, even when you know you did nothing wrong. That’s because all you want for them is to feel happy and loved, so you neglect your own self-esteem for their wellbeing.

6. A more serious phase in your relationship seems impossible.

Unfortunately, since you’re no longer on the same page, taking your relationship to a more serious level seems like a mission impossible. There is a whole abyss of uncertain feelings and emotions between you two. So, before trying to take any steps further, you first need some clarity on the ways you feel about each other.

7. You don’t want to leave because of all the effort you’ve put forth.

Even though the thought of freeing yourself from this burdening relationship comes to your mind, you feel like you’ve put too much effort to just give up like that. You’ve got yourself in a place where leaving is no longer an option. Or at least, that’s what your partner makes you believe.

8. This relationship is draining your energy.

If your relationship is one-sided, and you’re always the giving one, you most probably feel like you are wasting all of your energy into it. When you’re willing to give everything you have and everything you are to your partner, they often use this generosity of yours to their advantage.

9. You’re doing all the work.

This one may seem obvious, as we’re talking about one-sided relationships. Do you feel like you’re always the one who needs to compromise? Are you willing to give everything and more to keep your relationship together, while your partner constantly undermines your efforts? If your answer is yes, remember this: There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you.

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