9 Choices Your Future Self Will (definitely) Regret

“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.” -Kurt Vonnegut

We all have something at the back of our minds that we wish to have done differently or haven’t done at all. We often ask ourselves what could be different if we tried harder to be better.

Here is a list of things you will regret in the long run.

1. Letting other people shape your world

You are the architect of your own life. When you know who you really are and what you want most, you have discovered two of the most important things in your life. But it takes courage and persistence to actually go after what you want to achieve. This kind of responsibility is feared by many people and usually they allow others to create their dreams for them. Maybe it is because they aren’t brave enough to create their own life path or are too scared to do it alone.
And maybe it’s because they fear they are going to be judged and considered crazy. But the truth is, if you have people who disagree with you, that means you are standing for something you believe in. This is more beneficial for you because it means you are listening to your heart. And you will never regret that.

2. Sticking to your bad old habits

Most people have bad habits that they want to change. But sadly, not many have the will and patience to break their old unresourceful  manners and build new healthier ones. In the long run, you might look back on your life and wish you had started changing what you dislike about yourself earlier. Of course, it is not an easy thing to do, but it is definitely worth it. Aim to be the strongest version of yourself and don’t settle with less than you deserve. Don’t wait for the change to happen, make it happen.

3. Giving up

Failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is just a new opportunity to learn something, to grow and to try again when the time comes. In life, things don’t always unfold the way we expect but that shouldn’t be a reason to give up. Successful people are never the ones who surrendered. They are the ones who keep going even when the road gets rough. You’ve probably heard the saying that a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.

4. Hiding your real self (behind a mask)

It can be overwhelming to keep the person you really are hidden all the time. Not expressing the emotions you feel and the way you think can only make you feel  miserable and disconnected from your circle of friends. Wearing a mask is a risky thing to do because someday you might realize you have lost yourself by trying to impress other people. Not knowing who you really are can be a really scary experience. So, don’t try to satisfy other people’s expectations of you. Just be your true self and listen to your own inner voice. In that way you will stay true to yourself and you won’t need anyone’s approval.

5. Constantly waiting for the right time

Many people will come up with different excuses for not taking action NOW. Some wait until tomorrow, others wait for the right time or for a sign. The problem is that they think they have more time than they actually do. This might hold them to wait forever. If you have dreams, take action towards them today. Not tomorrow, nor next week. Now is the second best time to start. The best moment was actually yesterday.

6. Tolerating negative energy

Negative energy can be contagious. Feeding your soul with unresourceful energy will steal your joy and make you feel tired. Choose wisely what kind of people you let in your life because their energy can affect you directly. So, do you want grumpy and hateful people by your side or do you want positive and loving ones? The choice is yours.

7. Striving to control every little thing

Life is meant to be lived, not perfected. Don’t struggle with things that are out of your control. Sometimes what we all need is to relax and let life happen to us. You don’t have to know what exactly is going to happen next.

8. Not taking care of your health

Many people live fast-paced lives and forget to pause and think about how they treat their bodies. Many underestimate the power of having a nutritious diet and breaking a sweat a few days of the week. So spend some time to educate yourself on how to improve your body’s functions and your mind will follow.

9. Being lazy

Being lazy and stuck in one place for too long won’t get you far. As well as dreaming and planning too much and doing too little. Remember that you are responsible for your life and staying in your comfort zone won’t win you any battles. So quit slacking and start building the life of your dreams! You know you deserve it.
Image author: Magdalena Roeseler

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