8 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

When you let someone into your life, you never think that they would hurt you on purpose.

We all take risks when it comes to meeting new people. We are aware that they might hurt us and that everybody makes mistakes from time to time. However, we rarely think that somebody would hurt us on purpose. Unfortunately, there are people who come into your life, manipulate you, deceive you, and abuse you without feeling any guilt or regret. What is worse, we often fail to realize that these people are treating us poorly as we only focus on the good qualities of the people we love.

There are 8 signs that there is someone evil in your life.

1. They gaslight you

If someone in your life makes you doubt your memories, your reality, and your ability to understand what is happening around you, they are gaslighting you. A gaslighter has the power to make you feel vulnerable, afraid, and unsure of yourself. Unsurprisingly, this can have an extremely negative effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

2. They are secretive

This person constantly withholds information from you and leaves you feeling deceived. Moreover, they will deny deceiving you when you confront them. Instead, they will say that withholding the truth is not the same as lying to you. In other words, they will find ways of getting away with hurting you over and over again.

3. They are remorseless

Everybody makes mistakes and hurts their loved ones every once in a while. After they do so, they often feel intense guilt, remorse, and regret. If there is someone in your life who lacks empathy and feels no regret when they hurt the people around them, you should be extremely cautious.

4. They never own up to their mistakes

Taking the previous point further, a cruel person will never apologize for their errors. What is more, they will never even acknowledge that they have made a mistake. They hide from the consequences of their actions and avoid taking responsibility for what happens because of them.

5. They are fair-weather friends

The way to identify your true friends is to see who will come running when you are in need or trouble. Everybody is willing to be by your side when things are going well and you do not need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Cruel or fake friends will disappear the moment you need them most and they will reappear when your problems vanish.

6. They are manipulative

In addition to gaslighting, they might use other manipulation tactics or thought-control strategies to use you or tear you down. People who come into your life to manipulate you are certainly not your friends and they are most definitely not good people.

7. They are liars

This person seems incapable of having a conversation without lying to you. They not only lie about important things but they also lie about things that are small and meaningless. In other words, they lie for the pleasure of deceiving the people around them.

8. They are controlling

Cruel people are overly possessive and controlling. Taking this further, they become jealous when they see somebody trying to earn the trust of their friend or partner. This is because they fear that they will lose the control and power which they hold over their “friends”.

If you know one or more people with the above traits, you should distance yourself in order to protect your wellbeing and preserve your happiness.

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