8 Things Strong Women Don’t Care About

Strong women have different priorities. 

Everybody has the right to live their life the way they think is best. This means that all people prioritize different things and have different values. While we all tend to prioritize our families, friends, and careers, we all perceive the little things in a different way. It is precisely the way that strong women perceive these little things that makes them so successful and independent.

There are 8 things strong women do not care about.

1. What other people think

A strong woman knows what is important to her and she does not get affected by the opinions of others. This means that she trusts herself when it comes to making important decisions and she does not let other people influence her choices.

2. Having their appearance compared to other women’s

Until recently, women were treated as though their most valuable assets were their looks. Subsequently, society and the patriarchy pit women against one another, teaching them to compete and tear each other down. Strong women do not participate in this; they do not compete and they do not feel threatened by other women. Instead of tearing others down, they pull them up and compliment them.

3. What their body “should” look like

Strong women do not obsess over the “ideal” body that is portrayed on social media every day. They know that every body is different and special in its own way. Moreover, they know that what they see on TV and Instagram is unrealistic. Therefore, they focus on loving themselves instead of worrying about having the “ideal” body.

4. Social media

Insecure people rely on external validation to feel good about themselves. In other words, they are obsessed with the numbers of likes and comments they receive online. Although a strong woman might upload content, she does not allow her followers and likes to define her.

5. Ex-partners

A strong woman will not waste her time and effort on past relationships. She is perfectly capable of being happy by herself and she does not allow people to take her for granted. When a relationship ends, she does not look back or dwell on the past. Instead, she learns from her mistakes and moves on.

6. Fake friends

People who know who they are and what they want in life surround themselves with people who are similar to them. They do not make time for people who try to use, manipulate, or lie to them.

7. Failure

In order to succeed, you need to take risks and accept that you might fail. Strong women are often successful because they are not afraid of taking this risk. They do not care what people will think of their mistakes as they know that trying and failing is better than being too afraid to take a chance.

8. Social constructs

As previously mentioned, a strong woman does not care about what other people think. It follows then, that she is not concerned with the social constructs surrounding partners, relationships, and marriage. She cannot be pressured into getting married or being in a relationship on account of her age. A strong woman knows what makes her happy and she is not afraid of living her life the way she wants to.

Many people miss out on opportunities and happiness simply because they are too afraid. They are too concerned with what people think of them as they obsess over their likes, their looks, their mistakes, and their ex-partners. Focusing on yourself and what makes you happy will change your life.

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