8 signs you’re dating a MATURE MAN who’s truly IN LOVE with you

How can you tell if you’re dating just another boy disguised in the body of a grown man, or you’re with an actual mature man who knows what he wants in life?

Is there a way you could tell right away whether someone is worth your time, energy, and attention, or you’re just wasting it all?

Well, there are quite a few crucial features that distinguish grown men from childish boys when it comes to romantic relationships. Unfortunately, not all of these qualities can be spotted straight away. However, if you pay a little extra attention, you would definitely be able to tell the difference between a man-child and a mature man.

Below are listed 8 undeniable signs that you’re dating a grown man who’s head over heels for you

1. He has made things exclusive.

Mature men know how to clearly express their intentions and let their lady know exactly where she stands in their life. There is no need for a special conversation because your man has already made it clear you are his top priority and your presence in his life matters. The childish guessing games you used to be involved in during your previous relationships are now only a memory.

2. He has got his life together.

The major difference between boys and men is that grown men are perfectly aware of what they want from life. They have defined goals, and they know exactly how to accomplish them. Besides, they are intelligent enough to know that when they are in a relationship, it’s all about partnership and mutual support. So, instead of blocking your personal growth, your man will encourage you to chase your dreams, and most importantly, will grow with you.

3. He is not jealous.

When it comes to romantic relationships, jealousy is often associated with the feeling of being threatened by someone else’s presence around your partner. In such situations, a lot of men and women would try to somehow control their significant other in a bid to calm their own concerns. Well, this time it’s different. Now, the man next to you doesn’t make you feel guilty any time someone tries to flirt with you. Instead, he shows how proud he is to have you by his side. After all, that other guy is simply making him a compliment for the amazing lady he is with. There is no place for jealousy in a loving relationship, and your man definitely knows that.

4. He is not afraid to talk things through.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There will be fights, misunderstandings, and disagreements. It’s almost unavoidable. But what matters here is how you react to all of this as a couple. A real man would know that talking things through is the key to solving any problems you might have. Instead of staying silent and refusing to tell you what upset him or why does he feel a certain unpleasant way, he would calmly explain to you what’s been troubling his mind. And he would expect you to do the same.

5. He is drama free.

Drama has no place in a grown man’s life. Maybe the boys you used to date were into little mind games, gossiping, or talking behind someone’s back. Well, now that you’re with a man who has his goals set and his life together, there’s no sign of such drama.

6. He treats you with respect.

Truthfully, it’s incredibly rare to meet someone who would treat you the way you deserve. However, there are men who know how to make their lady feel loved and respected at the same time. These men have learned that treating their woman right is vital when it comes to keeping her beside them.

7. He owns up to his mistakes.

We all mess up, and regardless of the level of maturity, grown men do too. But what distinguishes them from everyone else is that they know how to own up to their mistakes. Whenever they have hurt someone or did something wrong, they are not afraid to admit their fault and seek forgiveness.

8. He acknowledges your worth.

A real man would never let you doubt your own worth. Instead, he would remind you of your value every time you seem like you’ve lost track of who you are. And most importantly, he would never let you forget what magical essence you’re made of.

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