11 undeniable signs he is absolutely head over heels in love with you

Absolute ways that you will KNOW he is in love with you

Being in a relationship is exciting, especially at first, when you’re crazy about each other and on the couple pink cloud and just drifting along enjoying each other. It can get difficult to tell, however, if he is really in love with you or if he isn’t quite so smitten.

Here are 11 absolutely unquestionable signs that he is in love with you:

1. He wants to immerse you in his life.

Meet his friends? Absolutely. Meet his family? Most definitely. He wants to soak you in every aspect of his life so that he knows that you know him through and though.

Perhaps even more importantly, he wants to immerse himself in your life, too. He wants to know all of your friends, your parents, your siblings, your grandma. He wants to show loud and clear that he is devoted to you. When talking about his bigger picture plans, you’re included. 

2. Your happiness is at least as important as his own.

He makes sure that whatever you guys are doing it’s going to thrill and delight you, in some way. He wants to be happy, and he knows if you are happy he will be, so he prioritizes your happiness.

3. He is there for you when it isn’t convenient.

Real relationships have ups and downs. The downs include inconvenience to your partner. When he is in love with you, though, he’ll take it on easily and roll with the punches. It’s no big deal, he’ll take care of it, whether it’s a flat tire or an unexpected death in the family. He’ll be there for you, however he can be.

4. There’s no worry or uneasiness in how you think he feels about you: you just know.

You don’t worry about his emotions, his feelings for you, because you are confident in them. You know he loves you, so your mind is freed up from fears, doubt, and uncertainty, because you KNOW.

5. He won’t give up.

He is not going to throw in the towel on your relationship, no matter what. He is considerably invested in your relationship and can’t imagine his life withou you, so when the tough stuff comes up, he is there.

6. He prioritizes you.

If you’ve got something going on and you want him there and he may have something going on that he may want to be there, he’ll rearrange and prioritize you. He’s going to make sure that you know you are his first priority, no matter what’s going on. He would rather be with you doing anything than not be with you. Furthermore, he’ll make sure he leaves you the space and time you need alone, apart, with friends and family, etc. He understands that you need time away from him as well. 

7. He really sees who you are.

He doesn’t simply love you, he loves very specific things about you. Furthermore, he tells you about them. He tells you why he loves you, citing very specific reasons. He strives to see you the way you see yourself, or perhaps even better than you see yourself. He loves certain things about you. He tells you about them.

8. How he looks at you.

The way he looks at you is constant awe, like you are a mythical creature. He is amazed and surprised by you, and he loves it. He can’t believe he found you; he cannot believe the two of you are together; he constantly thinks he is the luckiest person on the planet, to get to be with you.

9. He keeps you in the loop.

This may seem like a small thing, but it’s really a pretty big deal. When he keeps you posted on his plans and what’s going on in his life, it means that it is important to him that you know what’s going on, even if you’re not involved. He wants to keep you informed on what is happening with him so that you know what’s happening in his life, whether you are involved or not.

10. He is very giving to you.

He wants to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy. Again, your happiness is at least as important as his own, probably more. He wants you to only have the best and have anything you want. 

11. He misses you when you’re apart.

My boyfriend isn’t the most outwardly showy when it comes to affection, and because of his job, we rarely get to see each other. A lot of our relationship happens by text and phone calls. I miss him dearly, and tell him so quite outwardly and clearly. I know he misses me because I get texts that say he wishes he were with me and he wishes I were there and he wishes he were here and the like. I know he’d rather be with me than working such long hours he barely gets to eat. I just do. Guys who are in love with you are going to miss your presence, regardless of how long and how far apart you may be.

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