7 weird things that are actually normal for Introverts

You are not “weird” – you are an Introvert! And embracing your quirks is quite awesome, to be fair. Sure, some of them might make you appear arrogant or ignorant. However, the ones who truly know you will always understand whenever you prefer to stay home or don’t tell them about an important event before you are sure things are going to end up as planned.

And to those who are not so familiar with introversion, the following traits might appear odd or irrelevant. But if you are an Introvert, you will definitely understand.

Here are 7 unique traits of Introverts most people find strange: 

1. You don’t like attention even on your birthday.

The last thing you want on your birthday is to hear the restaurant staff chanting “Happy Birthday To You!” It’s already stressful enough that you agreed to go out to celebrate. Dealing with such overwhelming attention is definitely not what you need at the moment. If you have already been through such an energy-draining experience, you have probably stopped telling others about your birthday at all. The fewer people know, the less attention you will receive on your special day. And that’s perfectly fine with you.

2. You keep important events a secret.

As an Introvert, you prefer keeping big events a secret from as many people as possible. For instance, if you have a job interview coming up, your friends may not know about it until you go through the whole interviewing process and land the position. And it’s not because you don’t want them to e happy for you, but because you fear they might get too excited and add pressure to your already overloaded mind. Questions like “Are you ready for the big day?” are only going to stress you out even more.

3. You don’t like greeting people you know in the streets.

It’s about that awkward moment when you are peacefully walking down the street, listening to your favorite jams through your headphones, heading to the local coffee shop for a large vanilla latte, and you suddenly bump into someone you know. You can’t just walk away without greeting them, though that’s the only thing you want to do. So you say a vague “Hi,” hoping they won’t drag you into a small talk, which you hate, by the way.

4. You don’t want to “keep in touch.”

Introverts are people who don’t open up easily. They usually have one or two trustworthy friends, and they are perfectly content with that amount. So when someone you are not so close to moves to another city, for example, and tells you: “Let’s keep in touch!” you don’t really want to keep in touch. You do wish them the best, but you don’t have the need to remain friends and chat about the weather from time to time. That’s just not who you are.

5. You use the bathroom quite a lot. 

Out of all the rooms a place can have, the bathroom is your favorite. Whenever you are at a social event, and you get overwhelmed with all the interactions you were involved in, the bathroom becomes your hideaway. You go there to steal a few peaceful minutes and get ready for another episode of socializing. Plus, that’s the only room you can go alone to without having someone interrupting you(hopefully).

6. You can’t speak in front of a large audience. 

Okay, this may not be classified as a “weird” trait for you, but you might be surprised by how many people out there find it quite unusual. While you may be fine answering questions and talking about topics you feel confident in, it’s a whole different story when you have to do it in front of multiple people. Even just one person you are not familiar with counts as an audience.

7. You make up excuses to stay home

Whenever your friends call you to invite you for an afterword drink, you act like you are extremely busy at the moment and you just cannot make time. However, as your friends, they know that you are just going to curl up on the couch and watch another Netflix documentary. And yet, they are still fine with that because they love you.

Are you an Introvert? Did you find the abovementioned quirks relatable? Let us know in the comment section!

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