10 relatable things only introverts will understand

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an introvert. Welcome to the club!

Many things that seem completely normal for regular people are extremely frustrating and overwhelming for introverts.

They see the world quite differently, and their high sensitivity makes them feel everything very deeply.

Here are 10 relatable things that only introverts will truly understand.

1. Being anxious when you have to talk to someone new.

Talking to someone new can be quite overwhelming for an introvert. Even if they don’t show it, they usually freak out when they have to make small talks or present themselves to strangers. Introverts are like puppies, who will only play with you if they are sure they can trust you not hurting them. In case you want to talk to an introvert, you first need to make them feel welcome and comfortable around you. This way they will open up to you much easier.

2. Enjoying your own company.

Introverts can spend forever in their own company and actually enjoy it. Other people might need social gatherings and constant entertainment to feel good, but these wallflowers derive their energy from solitude. They feel perfectly fine being by themselves, enjoying the silence.

3. Blushing all the time.

Talking to new people, or in front of an audience is a huge no-no for introverts. The pressure makes them anxious, and their cheeks become flaming red. Anything they perceive as embarrassing makes them blush like crazy. Even talking to the cashier lady at their local grocery store.

4. Quality alone time on the weekends rather than socializing.

Introverts see weekends as two or three days of pure bliss and relaxation. They can’t wait for those days to come, so they can just chill out in their own company, and not having to talk to anyone or meet anyone’s expectations. Binging TV shows, reading lots of books, drinking warm tea or hot chocolate, and being in pajamas all day long. This may sound boring for some, but that would be the perfect weekend for an introvert.

5. Getting easily tired of talking.

In general, talking is quite overwhelming for introverts. Well, they could enjoy it sometimes, but only in small doses and with people they genuinely love. Long conversations with unpleasant people can easily make a wallflower feel worn out. Besides, they experience a strong need to recharge before engaging in more conversations.

6. Getting annoyed with noisy people.

Whenever someone talks too loud, or too fast, introverts get really frustrated. Why would somebody want to be heard by everyone? It just doesn’t make sense. If they had the chance to choose, introverts would rather have a calm quiet conversation, rather than a rushed or strained one.

7. Getting irritated by people interrupting your alone time.

You’re at peace with yourself, sitting quietly in your room, chilling out with a book in one hand, and a coffee in the other. At this exact moment of bliss, somebody walks in and interrupts your precious alone time. This is a nightmare for an introvert. For them ruining their peace feels like you’ve walked into their home uninvited.

8. The joy of getting away into nature.

Spending too much time in a city full of people makes introverts feel the need to run away for good. That’s why, from time to time, they love to escape from the suburban reality and disappear into nature. Spending time in nature calms their souls and recharges their energies, drained from the big city life. Maybe that’s the reason they love long car rides by themselves so much.

9. The wonderful feeling when you help somebody.

One of the best qualities of introverts is that they are deeply empathetic. They can easily tell if someone needs help or feels heartbroken. Besides, they are great listeners. Even if they can’t do anything else, they would stay with you until you pour your heart out and listen to your problems. After all, introverts would much rather hear you out than talk anyway.

10. Craving deep relationships and personal space.

Being an introvert is definitely not easy. You crave a deep and meaningful relationship with someone, while at the same time you need your independency and lots of time alone. Their love partners mean the world to them, but they also have this fiery urge to just run away. Any introvert will understand how hard it is to find the perfect balance between those two things.

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