7 Ways Successful People Handle Toxic People

Toxic people have the power to tear you down and make your life difficult to navigate.

Everybody knows at least one toxic person. This can be someone who constantly complains, overwhelms you with negative energy, lies, etc. Spending time and wasting energy on people who always make you feel drained and fatigued can be detrimental to your mental and emotional wellbeing. Of course, most people want to and try to lend a helping hand when somebody they know is in need; however, it is important to note that toxic people tend to exaggerate, lie, and seek attention. In other words, by always giving them your time and energy, you may be wasting resources which are vital for your personal growth and wellbeing. So, how can you handle the toxic people in your life without feeling drained and exhausted?

There are 7 ways in which successful people handle toxic people:

1. They limit the time they spend around them.

Successful people do not waste their time listening to complainers; more specifically, they do not make time for people who constantly complain but dismiss the solutions which they are offered. Complainers who fail to focus on finding solutions to their problems are toxic because they pressure people into listening to them, ignore their help, and often leave them feeling drained. When successful people come across a complainer, they listen, offer a solution, and if their solution is ignored or dismissed, they distance themselves.

2. They do not get sucked into toxic, irrational behavior. 

Toxic people tend to manipulate, gaslight, and lie. Successful people refuse to allow deceitful people to get the upper hand. They do not let toxic people push their buttons and they distance themselves as soon as they feel negative energy.

3. They set clear boundaries.

Most people find this to be the most difficult thing to do; the reason for this is that, more often than not, the toxic people in our lives are family members, friends, or romantic partners. It can be challenging to set boundaries when the person is someone who is extremely close to you. However, no matter how difficult it may be, setting solid and clear boundaries is sometimes necessary. Taking this further, boundaries allow you to feel respected and in control. Subsequently, they greatly contribute to your happiness and your overall wellbeing.

4. They focus on solutions – not problems.

While most of us may look at our relationship with a toxic person and only think about the issues which arise from it, successful people focus on finding solutions. When presented with a problem, they stop to analyze their options before deciding what to do. This means finding out if they should set boundaries, limit the time they spend with them, or cut them off completely.

5. They forgive them without forgetting.

Successful people do not hold grudges. Moreover, they do not waste their time and energy plotting revenge or feeling sorry for themselves. Instead, they forgive the ones who have wronged them without forgetting what they have done. In other words, although they may give toxic people a second chance, they also ensure that they protect themselves from future harm.

6. They do not engage in negative self-talk. 

Manipulators, abusers, and gaslighters can make you doubt yourself. What is worse, they can make you lose confidence in yourself and your abilities. Successful people know their worth and their value; as a result, they do not allow themselves to believe the negative words of toxic people.

7. They learn and adapt. 

No matter what you may do to protect yourself from negative energy, you are bound to get hurt at one point or another. When this happens to successful people, they learn from their experiences and make sure that they do not find themselves in the same situation again. More importantly, with every experience, they learn something new about how to handle a toxic person or a negative situation.

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