7 reasons why you should open up carefully when meeting someone new

Before opening up to someone, you need to make sure that they are trustworthy.

Being vulnerable and opening up to new people can be difficult and frightening. You never know if they are trustworthy or if they will turn around and stab you in the back. For this reason, to avoid getting hurt, you must be wary and careful when opening up to someone new. This means showing your weaknesses and your vulnerabilities slowly and only once you begin to trust them.

There are 7 reasons why you should open up carefully.

1. Cruel people can ruin you if they know your secrets

If you meet somebody at a party, you might feel more comfortable and at ease. After a few drinks, you might start confiding in them and sharing secrets you would otherwise keep private. At the time, you will probably think nothing of it. However, if the person you spilled your heart out to has ill intentions, they can spread your secrets around, and use them to manipulate you.

2. Not everyone has your best interests at heart

You may think that you are confiding in a true and trustworthy friend when you complain about your problems — but what if you are wrong? Not all friends are sincere, genuine, and caring. Sometimes, you are surrounded by fake or toxic people without even realizing it. Such a person might be happy to hear that you are facing issues in your love life or your career. What is more, they might even give you advice that would sabotage you.

3. They might use you

This point is especially applicable to those who are of a greater social status or possess something somebody else could take advantage of. If you disclose this information too soon, people might pretend to be nice or friendly just so they can use you and take advantage of you.

4. Sharing too much about yourself can push people away

Everybody has dark secrets and moments they are not proud of. Sharing this information with people you have recently met can push them away. For instance, a potential partner might be scared away when they hear about affairs, past drug problems, etc. Build trust and intimacy before disclosing your secrets and your past.

5. You put yourself in a vulnerable position

Every time you open up to somebody, you become vulnerable. While there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable around the right people, you might end up being hurt when confiding in people you have just met. Furthermore, you might end up feeling like you have overshared if the person does not respond to the things you say.

6. Mystery will leave people wanting more

People tend to be curious about the things they do not know or understand. If you share everything that there is to know about you, people might get bored. This is especially true for first dates and new relationships. Remind yourself to always keep an aura of mystery and leave the person wanting to know more.

7. Some things are best kept private

There are several things you should always try to keep private. Some of these things include your financial affairs, your love life, and your family issues. By keeping these things private, you will make sure that you protect yourself and your happiness.

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