7 Nasty Habits That Untrustworthy People Share

Being honest is always best, but what are you supposed to do when you come across an untrustworthy person?

Check out the following tips on how to spot the habits of untrustworthy people. Should you recognize these signs in someone you know, take time to consider who this person actually is and whether they have your best interests at heart.

1. They disrespect people’s boundaries

If someone is ignoring your boundaries, be sure that it’s a red flag. This includes things like standing too close to you and following you when you step away, refusing to take no for an answer, and teasing you when you’ve asked them to stop.

2. They carry narcissistic traits

Narcissists can only see things from their own side. They have an extremely high sense of self-importance and they look down on everyone around them.

They are experts at playing the blame game and make sure others are punished for their mistakes but never take ownership of their own.

Everything that goes wrong will always be someone else’s fault.

It isn’t hard to see why someone like that does not deserve to be trusted.

3. They try to please you by badmouthing people you both know

They imply that you are better than those other people. They try to push you into expressing your own disapproval for them as if it’s a healthy way to bond.

In the meantime, you cannot help yourself but think: “I wonder what they say about me behind my back…”

4. They dominate the conversation

While most of us enjoy telling stories, these people will try to dominate every conversation. By doing this, they show that they are in control. Often, they are actually good storytellers and are even charming on top of that, so they may be quite interesting to listen to. But if you don’t feel included in the conversation, or simply cannot get a sentence in, they likely don’t have your best interests at heart.

5. They cannot handle negative feedback

It is normal to feel discomfort when hearing any type of feedback, but when it comes to untrustworthy people, chances are they’ll react to it by becoming hostile. Since untrustworthy people often carry narcissistic characteristics, they derive their sense of worth only from positive feedback, which is why they see constructive criticism as an attack on their personality.

6. They open up way too quickly

If you just met someone and they are already telling you about the darkest parts of their life, there is a chance they’re untrustworthy or unstable. This kind of behavior clearly shows a lack of boundaries and can get out of hand very quickly.

If someone is willing to shower you with all of that without even knowing you well, it may mean they don’t have full control over themselves and their actions. Beware of such people!

7. They turn their back on you in public

When they’re alone with you, you’ll find that they are friendly and seem to enjoy your company. But when they are among people they try to impress, they’ll treat you as if you don’t exist.

This way of acting shows that they are trying to get something from you in one way or another. Their interest in you is not personal.

And as soon as they get what they’re after, or they understand that you won’t let them succeed, they’ll dump you by the wayside.

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