Untrustworthy people SUCK! Here are 8 warning signs you’re dealing with one

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could trust everyone wholeheartedly?

Just imagine a world where betrayal and back-stabbing don’t exist, and you never have to fear that someone’s intentions may not be as pure as they appear. Not that would be a utopia.

Unfortunately, our reality is filled with people who fool you into thinking you can count on them only to take advantage of your vulnerability. Trusting such a toxic person can leave you with a broken heart and a wounded soul. Sadly, many people never fully heal from such a disastrous experience. They are doomed to live with trust issues for the rest of their lives.

Here are 8 common traits of untrustworthy people to help you avoid having your heart broken by one. 

1. They are awfully charming.

These people sure know how to make a good first impression. When you first meet them, they enchant you with their deceitful charisma and unreal sweetness. They shower you with compliments and make you feel great about yourself. But their charm doesn’t last forever. The moment they sense you’re caught up in their games, they reveal their real intentions, and there’s usually no turning back.

2. They have zero empathy.

Naturally, a person who is prone to betraying others’ trust isn’t familiar with the essence of empathy. They show no real compassion, affection, or care. Being able to understand someone else’s pain requires a certain level of emotional intelligence these toxic beings will never reach.

3. They have narcissistic traits.

Untrustworthy people are often hidden narcissists. They value nothing but their own egos. They play with others’ feelings as if they were playing with toys. Moreover, they are masters in manipulation, which is the reason why you can’t always tell if someone is deluding you until it’s too late.

4. They can’t keep secrets.

This is the main reason you can brand someone as untrustworthy. It’s nothing but common sense that you cannot trust someone if they can’t keep a secret. Confidentiality doesn’t even exist in such people’s vocabulary. Oftentimes they would gossip about someone else’s secrets only to make you share one of your own. That’s why you need to be extremely careful with sharing personal details of your life.

5. They are two-faced.

Actually, they can have many different personas for every single situation they’re in. You can never be sure whether they are being real with you, or they are impersonating one of the deceitful versions of themselves. The moment you leave the room, they start spreading rumors about you or harshly criticize you in front of others, despite the fact they had just told you how amazing you are. Sounds familiar?

6. They get abusive at times.

As already mentioned, untrustworthy people can often be experienced manipulators. This is a form of emotional abuse they apply when they want to take advantage of someone’s kindness. But when their games don’t work as planned, they sometimes lose the act and show their true hostile nature.

7. They say ‘YES’ to everything you suggest.

In order to make you like them, these toxic beings often use the ‘Yes man’ approach. They agree with everything you say and encourage you to do the most bizarre things that come to your mind. Even if what you suggest is completely senseless, they would not only support you, but they will also gladly add up to your nonsense. This happens in situations where they believe they can gain something from being friendly with you. But the moment things go wrong, they will leave you to handle the consequences, and you might never see them again.

8. They avoid you when around other friends.

When you’re alone, they make you believe their intentions are genuine. However, when other people come along, they sometimes act as if they don’t know you. In some extreme cases, they can even bully you to seem cool in front of their other friends. And when you’re alone again they would apologize, making excuses that they are forced to behave that way so others can accept them. But eventually, they cut the act, and you realize they have been friends with you only because they wanted something from you. The moment they get what, they want they move on as if you were never close.

Hopefully, these 8 behavioral patterns will help you recognize untrustworthy people before you become a victim of another fake friendship.

Just remember to always trust your instincts and never be too careless with sharing personal details with people who haven’t proven they are worthy of your trust.

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