7 Reasons Why You Need A Brutally Honest Friend In Your Life

Having one honest friend is better than being surrounded by a group of disloyal people.

Many often struggle to see the blessing that an honest friend can be; generally, this is because they tend to mistake blunt honesty for impoliteness. In reality, however, everybody needs a brutally honest friend who can give constructive criticism and sincere advice without sugarcoating harsh truths. At the end of the day, the painful truth will always be better than a beautiful lie.

There are seven reasons why you need a brutally honest friend in your life.

1. They will never talk behind your back.

This type of friend does not gossip or spread rumors. If they have an issue with you, they will say it to your face. Even though they may say things that upset you, they do so for the sake of your friendship. That is, they address problems so that you can resolve them and, in turn, form a stronger bond.

2. They will never let you embarrass yourself.

Your honest friends are the ones who give their honest opinion. While others will probably nod and lie to you in order to protect your feelings, your honest friend will say it how it is. Of course, people who struggle to accept constructive criticism will not be able to see that an honest opinion can be a blessing.

3. They have strong moral principles.

Unsurprisingly, a person who is always honest also has a strong moral compass. While many may mistake their honesty for rudeness, this person always knows the right thing to do or say (even if they know it might hurt the ones they love).

4. You feel comfortable being yourself.

Being around someone who is true to who they are will inspire you to be yourself. This means that you will find yourself speaking your mind and standing up for your own beliefs.

5. They are loyal.

Honest and sincere people are faithful friends; therefore, they will never spread your secrets or abuse your trust. In fact, time and time again, they will prove that they are the most loyal friend you have.

6. They will stand up for you (and teach you how to stand up for yourself).

If someone tries to hurt you, this friend will be the first person to defend you. Unabashedly honest people are not afraid of conflict as they will always stand up for what they believe is right. More importantly, they will inspire you to stand up for yourself when you know that you are being mistreated.

7. They own up to their mistakes.

An honest friend will not try to deceive or manipulate you. When they make mistakes, they own up to them and apologize sincerely. This behavior allows your connection to grow and develop into a strong, unbreakable bond.

Ultimately, honest friends are a blessing. If you are friends with someone like this, make sure you show them how much you appreciate them. 

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