7 Phrases Manipulators Use To Blame You And Hide Their True Nature

Manipulative people are not always easy to spot.

A manipulative person is someone skilled at lying and tricking the people around them. To do this, they use thought-control and manipulation tactics to get what they want and use you. When confronted, this person will not own up to their behavior or confess that they have deceived you. Instead, they will continue to lie as they attempt to convince you that you are mistaken. For this reason, it can be challenging to spot the manipulators in your life.

There are seven phrases all manipulators use to hide their deceitful nature.

1. Why do you always want to argue?

Manipulators will try to make it seem as though you are the abusive one. They will achieve this by accusing you of always wanting to cause an argument. Often, they will use this tactic when you confront them about something they have done. In other words, they will turn things around and blame you for their actions.

2. You have misunderstood me

While you may indeed misunderstand them from time to time, manipulators use this phrase frequently to deceive you. Usually, they say this when they have angered or upset you. By claiming that you have misunderstood them, they try to trick you into believing that they did not do anything wrong.

3. I never said this

When manipulators say this, they are gaslighting you; that is, they are denying reality and making you doubt yourself and your memories. This is not only manipulative but also extremely abusive.

4. You’re so negative

Manipulators use this phrase when you talk about the way they make you feel or the things that they do. They will convince you that you see things through a negative lens and that you are the reason why you are unhappy. In other words, they will once again find a way to blame you.

5. You’re overthinking

This phrase is something that manipulators generally say when you begin to see through their lies. If you confront them about the things they have been doing, they will simply dismiss you by saying that you are overthinking, being paranoid, or jumping to conclusions.

6. I wouldn’t have done this if you didn’t do that

A manipulative (and vengeful) person will hurt you on purpose and blame it on you by saying, “This would not have happened if you did not do this.” This behavior is abusive as it has the power to destroy your mental health.

7. You’re too sensitive.

Manipulators will hurt you and then claim that you are too sensitive. Similarly, they might blame you for not being able to take a joke. In any case, they will never apologize for hurting you: it will always be your fault.

Unsurprisingly, being around such a person can negatively impact your mental and emotional wellbeing. If you have become accustomed to hearing these seven phrases, understand that you are being abused and manipulated. More importantly, cut ties with the manipulator in your life.

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