6 Worrying Signs You’re Dealing With A Sociopath

Arguing with people is never a pleasant experience.

Often they can be hardheaded and refuse to budge even an inch, but normally, you can reach some sort of middle ground. However, that is certainly not the case when you’re dealing with a sociopath, because they never give in and will do anything they can to play with your head.

Being aware of the kind of person you’re faced with is crucial to understanding if you should even bother with them or not.

So, here are 6 signs that you’re dealing with a sociopath.

1. They never take responsibility for their actions

One of the most common traits of sociopaths is that they don’t feel remorse. Also, they have enormous egos that blind them to the concept of ever being wrong. In combination, these traits make for a person who is unwilling to take ownership of their own mistakes and always shifts the blame to others.

2. Lying is a way of life

Sociopaths are serial liars. Telling the truth is something that doesn’t come easy to them, so they’ve become experts at distorting reality. Even if they know that you know the truth, they will still defend their lies anyway.

3. They won’t admit when you’re right

Sociopaths never admit to being wrong and even if you bring out the best possible defense for your side that no one can dispute, they will still go against it. Regardless of what approach you take, they will never agree with your side.

4. They are expert gaslighters

Even worse than the constant lies is the sociopath’s tendency to shamelessly gaslight others. They will twist and turn the truth in an attempt to make you believe that what you remembered was actually wrong. Naturally, this will make you start questioning yourself, leaving you with no other choice but to trust them.

5. They make you lose your patience on purpose

If they can successfully make you lose your temper, they have a much better chance at manipulating you. They will provoke you to say nasty things to them so they can then accuse you of overreacting and threatening them. By using this tactic, they can make you feel guilty for your actions, and that is how they open you up to emotional exploitation.

6. You never know when they’ll shift moods

One minute they act like angels, the next they bring out the claws. You can never tell what kind of mood they will be in, and this is why there is always a sense of uncertainty in the air when dealing with a sociopath.

If someone you know exhibits these traits, it is time for you to move on, because remaining where you are will only increase their chances for manipulating you. There is simply no point to engage with someone whose only aim is to take you down mentally and use you like a puppet in their twisted game.

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