6 Warning Signs That You’re Arguing With A Sociopath

Arguing is never easy, no matter your opponent. Sometimes they can be thick-headed and refuse to budge despite being proven wrong, but normally, you can come to some kind of peace deal.

When you’re faced with a sociopath, however, the story is completely different.

Because that kind of person will never back down and will do whatever they can to fool and manipulate you.

Understanding the type of person that you’re dealing with is crucial for knowing whether they are worth your energy or not. So here are 6 warning signs that you’re arguing with a sociopath.

1. Constant lies and excuses

We all mess up every once in a while, but sociopaths come up with excuses more often than they keep their promises. Their words never match up with their actions, and their blatant lies disappoint you so often that you actually celebrate when they do something remotely decent. They have trained you to be grateful for mediocre treatment.

2. They never accept the blame

One of the most common and ugly traits of sociopaths is that they are incapable of remorse. In addition, they have giant egos that make them think that they are never wrong. In combination, these two traits create someone who is never willing to take ownership of their own mistakes and always looks for others to blame.

3. They love playing the victim

Their ugly behavior tends to always lead back to a conversation about their suffering in the past or an abusive ex or heartless boss. You will find yourself feeling sorry for them, even when they do something terrible. And once they have managed to divert your attention, everything will go back to being a mess again.

4. Their moods shift in dramatic ways

One minute they assure you they’re completely fine and collected, and the next minute they explode with rage. It is an experience similar to dealing with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, with the difference that they switch characters much more regularly.

5. They gaslight you

Gaslighting is one of the most dangerous things sociopaths do. This often means that they twist the truth around an event and make you believe that you are the one who remembers it wrong or doesn’t see it for what it actually is. The aim here is to make you question your own sanity, leaving you with no choice but to trust them fully.

6. They play with your emotions to get what they want

When you two end up arguing, their goal becomes for you to lose your patience and explode. If they manage to do that, they have a much better chance at manipulating you. They will poke your weak spots and make you say things you know you shouldn’t say so they can then accuse you of acting crazy and hysterical.

If you have anyone in your life who exhibits these signs, it’s time to run for the hills. Their toxicity might end up causing you great harm, and there is simply no point to argue with a person like that, because they will never listen to anything you say.

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