6 Dark Signs That You’re Dealing With A Sociopath

Arguments with people are always mentally taxing. Sometimes they are hard-headed and stand by their position no matter how many facts you lay at their feet, but normally, you can find a way to get on the same page. When you are arguing with a sociopath, however, you’re faced with an entirely different challenge.

Because sociopaths never give in and will do whatever it takes to trick you into believing their story.

Being aware of the tools that can help you identify such a person is crucial to understanding whether they are worth your time.

Here are 6 telling signs that you’re dealing with a sociopath.

1. They think it’s never their fault

One of the main ways to spot a sociopath is that they never ever accept blame. In addition, they have giant egos that let them believe they’re always on the right side of things. In combination, these two traits make a person who always feels the need to blame others for his or her own mistakes.

2. They are prisoners to the act of lying

Such people are serial liars. Unlike normal people, honesty is not something that comes naturally to them. They are much more comfortable with making up alternative realities. And if you already know the truth, they will look you in the eyes and lie to you anyway.

3. They are experts at gaslighting

Apart from lying, they also regularly resort to gaslighting. What this means is that they twist the story you were involved in and try to make you believe that you remembered it the wrong way. In this way, they can make you question your sense of sanity, which makes them the only person left to trust.

4. Even if they know you’re right, they will never admit it

Sociopaths always have their defenses up when arguing with another person and will never allow anyone else to think they have won. Even if you present them with the unquestionable facts, they will still think of a ridiculous reason not to accept them. No matter how hard you try, they will never accept your position.

5. They are always fishing for an emotional reaction from you

One of the things they want the most when they argue with you is for you to lose your control. When that happens, their chances to manipulate you automatically increase. They will poke you and bring up things they know will infuriate you because they want your emotional reaction. And when that happens, they can say that you’re overreacting, you’re acting crazy, you’re being hysterical, and so on.

6. Their mood can shift in an instant

One minute they are relaxed and patient, the next minute they’re acting like a murderous mental patient. This can be an incredibly scary situation to find yourself in.

If someone you know is exhibiting any of these 6 signs when they’re in an argument with you or another person they could be a dangerous sociopath who would be ready to go to any lengths to manipulate others in order to get what they want.

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