6 words that have the power to ruin every relationship

Being mindful of the words you say is a necessity when you’re in a relationship.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this, and before they know it, this often becomes a massive dealbreaker.

Every single word you say has the power to lift someone up or to break them down into pieces. It is all up to you how to use this power. If most of the things that come out of your mouth are hurting your partner, sooner or later you’re going to part ways. But if your words are making them feel good being around you, your relationship will surely become wholesome and beneficial for both of you.

Oftentimes, the things we say turn out to be more influential than we believe they are. That’s why we need to be impeccable with our words, especially when it comes to relationships.

Here are six words you must be extremely careful with if you want to keep your connection with your loved one strong and healthy.

1. Always

“Ugh, you’re always doing that.” When you’re frequently emphasizing some of your partner’s habits that somehow annoy you, instead of making them stop doing that thing, you’re making them feel bad about themselves. If not said with consideration to their feelings, the situation only gets worse. Rather than working through the issue, you’re only showing your significant other you disapprove of their behavior. If you make them feel unworthy more often than you make them feel loved, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

2. Never

“Why you’re never doing that?” Similar to the word ‘always’, this word is mainly used as an accusation. It can make your partner feel as if they were backed against a wall. If there is something that truly bothers you, try to be more mindful of the way you express it. Also, always consider the context of what you’re saying.

3. Whatever

“Sure, whatever.” In case your partner is trying to explain something to you, and all you say is ‘whatever’, this is a clear sign you don’t care about what they’re trying to tell you. This leaves them feeling unimportant and unappreciated. So, if they respect themselves enough, they wouldn’t stand you treating them like they’re insignificant, and will move on without you.

4. But

“I love you, but…” Saying the word ‘but’ in the middle of the sentence makes everything you already said mean nothing. When the second part of the sentence is negative or even blaming, the kind words previously used become powerless and irrelevant. This is yet another way you subconsciously make your loved one feel as if they’re never doing anything right.

5. You

“Of course it was you.” In such a context, the word ‘you’ feels like you’re pointing a finger at your partner. Constantly blaming them for everything that’s not working in your relationship will eventually make them realize they’re not being appreciated and they need to leave. If you want to avoid such an outcome, next time when you’re about to blame something on them, make sure what you’re saying is true and necessary to be said.

6. Breakup

“I think we need to break up.” Obviously, this is a huge dealbreaker, but you should only say it when you truly mean it. If you don’t feel good being a part of this relationship, you need to share it with your partner. However, if breaking up is the first thing that crosses your mind whenever you have a fight, but you don’t really mean it, you might put an end to something real. Instead of running from your problems, work through them.

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