6 reasons why mutual understanding is way more important than love for a healthy relationship

Love is the driving force that moves the world. It creates amazing memories and gives us thousands of reasons to live for. But when it comes to long-term relationships, there are things that could be much more valuable.

Empathy, respect, and patience are only a few of the essential elements that keep a romantic bond healthy and lasting. In the end, it all comes down to mutual understanding.

Here are 6 reasons why mutual understanding could be more important than love:

1. It plays a major role in the relationship.

Mutual understanding is an essential element of any romantic bond between two people. While love is the powerful force that sparks the fire of romance, mutual understanding is what keeps that fire burning. It creates a sustainable atmosphere, which ensures that the relationship will be healthy, fulfilling, and long-lasting.

2. It provides a robust foundation.

To achieve mutual understanding, you need to have proper communication. Moreover, it has been proven thousands of times that communication is key when it comes to relationships. Therefore, mutual understanding provides a strong foundation, as its main element is decent communication. It builds a comfortable environment where you and your partner can openly share goals, dreams, concerns, and everything else you need to let out. Plus, it helps you easily resolve any issues and arguments you may have.

3. It lasts longer than passion.

Most people who have been or still are in long-term relationships are well-aware that the initial, passionate, all-consuming love fades in time. And when that happens, in the best-case scenario, you still have respect, loyalty, and patience for one another. However, if you haven’t managed to reach a certain level of mutual understanding, these powerful feelings may not be there when the passion wanes.

4. It encourages personal growth.

When you and your significant other show mutual understanding to one another, you encourage one another to never stop growing as individuals. As empathetic partners, you support each other’s dreams and never stand in the way of each other’s happiness. That’s one of the best settings for a flourishing relationship.

5. It helps you accept people the way they are.

Being aware of the essence of mutual understanding makes you acknowledge and accept others as they are. It helps you gain the emotional intelligence needed to get to know someone before you judge their personal choices.

6. Its absence can be detrimental.

Oftentimes, when the only thing that connects you and your partner is pure passion, the relationship looks a lot like a movie trailer. It is exciting, fascinating, and thrilling, but it lasts only a couple of minutes. If your relationship lacks mutual understanding, it can easily fall apart once this passion fades.

Sadly, we live in times where finding true love and maintaining a lasting relationship is incredibly challenging.

However, every day we move one step closer to gaining the emotional intelligence to understand that sometimes compassion, empathy, and loyalty are more valuable than a short-lived passionate love affair.

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