Sometimes being appreciated means more than ‘I love you’

Hearing ‘I love you’ is one of the most wholesome feelings in the world.

It’s even better when these three words come from someone who has a special place in your heart.

Unfortunately, having someone to tell you this is just not enough sometimes. You also need to hear that you’re cherished and appreciated and that someone believes you. You need to know that someone is grateful to have you in their life.

There are others, more powerful phrases than a simple ‘I love you‘ that can make you feel loved. Here are 6 of them:

1. I appreciate you!

Knowing that the efforts you make are being appreciated by the people you care for is truly heartwarming. Not only it makes you feel a little more special, but it also gives you the courage to continue being your best self.

2. I believe in you!

There are times when we lose faith in ourselves, and we’re too afraid to take the next step on our journey. So we stop moving and let the fear take over. But if at this dark moment we have someone to tell us they believe in us, they will give us hope. And with that hope, we will no longer be afraid of the challenges life brings us.

3. I hope you prosper!

When someone openly tells you they would be glad to see you thrive, your heart instantly fills with joy. It gives you the right motivation to embrace your personal growth in the healthiest way possible. Wishing someone to do well and succeed is one of the purest signs of unconditional love.

4. I forgive you!

We are all human beings. We are all flawed. Everyone makes mistakes. Holding grudges and refusing to give forgiveness can never going to erase the past or make the future better. But if you choose to forgive and forget, you will be at peace with yourself. And being forgiven lets your heart rest and gives you an opportunity to right all the wrongs.

5. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

Who wouldn’t want to hear someone is glad to have them in their life. It’s one of the greatest ways to express how happy you are that whatever celestial force you believe in made this special someone a part of your personal journey.

6. Thank you!

These are only two short words, but they have such a deep meaning. Hearing them means that someone is genuinely grateful for your presence. The one saying them feels in their heart that you are truly amazing, and you make their days a little brighter. There’s nothing better in this life than being someone’s reason to smile.

Don’t stop saying, ‘I love you’. Just start saying a few more phrases that will make the people you care for feel truly grateful to have you in their lives.

It will give them the strength to never give up on themselves and keep moving forward. It’s not too late to warm someone’s heart and make them smile!

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