How to stop the commitment phobe holding you back from finding true love

Commitment issues cause many people to avoid or even run from love.

But what happens with the ones who fall in love with a person who’s afraid of commitment?

What happens when you cannot imagine your life without this person?

All of your thoughts are about them. Every time you blink, you see their face. You have devoted all of you to this one person, who defies commitment and couldn’t care less about your feelings. But still, you hope they would magically change and start loving you with the same passion you love them.

With every cell of your body, you know that this person is emotionally unavailable. Yet, you still believe that one day, they will change for you. You still hope they will become the affectionate, considerate human being that will give you all the love you need. You probably think to yourself, ‘Maybe one day they will start treating me the way I truly deserve’. But you’re only wasting your time, and deep down you know it.

It’s time to lose the fantasy and start taking better care of yourself.

Someone who has clearly shown you they are not looking for commitment is not worth your time.

What’s more, they are definitely not worth your mental health’s utter collapse. Coming up with numerous excuses for their unacceptable behavior is only keeping your mind away from the fact that you deserve better.

No matter how much it may hurt, the best thing you could do for yourself in such an unbearable situation is to move on. Indeed, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be liberating. You’re going to free yourself from the incredibly heavy burden of loving someone whose feelings don’t match yours.

Hopefully, soon you’ll realize that they simply won’t change. You will see that the love you give is invaluable and should be given only to someone who is able to fully appreciate it. Moreover, you will understand that life is too short to spend it hurting and waste it on the wrong person.

While you’re trying to understand their issue with commitment, you’re not only severely damaging your mental health, but you’re also giving them your precious time.

And they give you nothing in return.

But you will soon understand that your love is worth much more than this. You will realize that you will eventually meet someone who would do anything to see your smile. This someone who would be as giving as you are and will love you with the same passion as you will love them. They will remind you of your true worth, and they will treat you the way you deserve.

Until then, you should know that love shouldn’t be painful and burdensome. It shouldn’t be onesided, and it definitely shouldn’t hurt so much.

If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you will love the right one.

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