6 signs you might be in a FAKE relationship

Most people do not even realize that they are in a fake relationship.

While everybody wants to be in a serious, meaningful, and long-lasting relationship, sometimes without even realizing it, we stumble into ‘fake’ relationships. Even when we think that we are headed in the right direction with the perfect partner, sometimes we are left alone and blindsided; the reality is that the partners we choose do not always have the same (or the best) intentions. According to The Minds Journal, there are six things which suggest that you might actually be in a fake relationship:

1. Excessive PDA

Of course, a certain degree of PDA is good and for some, it is even necessary. However, if your partner seems to be overdoing it, they might be overcompensating. Many couples who do not have deep and strong feelings for each other overcompensate by grand shows of affection in public. 

2. You do not share special moments

A fake relationship does not excite you. When you are in a healthy and meaningful relationship, even the smallest things can be special. If you find that there is no excitement and there are no memories which make you smile, it is probably best to just let go of the relationship.

3. You do not communicate

The key to a healthy relationship is communication. In fake relationships, partners tend to have meaningless conversations: they do not have serious discussions or talk about the future. In addition to conversations about the future, conflict and arguments are also part of a serious relationship. This, according to The Minds Journal, is bound to happen as while discussing serious things, arguments are likely to occur.

4. Your relationship is a power game

Taking the previous point further, if when you do argue, you are more concerned with proving the other person wrong rather than resolving the issue at hand, then you need to reevaluate how you feel about the relationship and the person you are with. In fake relationships, the ego is more important than love. 

5. You do not know much about each other

If you are in a serious relationship, you would want to know everything about your partner and his/her family and friends. If you do not find yourself expressing interest in this, then it might be because you do not see the relationship lasting long enough for it to matter to you. Similarly, if your partner avoids introducing you to friends and family then they probably do not see the relationship as something serious or meaningful.

6. You stay together because of the physical attraction

Unfortunately, many people find themselves believing that they are in serious and meaningful relationships only to find out that their partners have only been interested in one thing. If you find yourself questioning your partner’s intentions, you may need to step back and reevaluate your relationship.

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