5 signs that you’re in the best relationship

What makes a relationship successful?

Every relationship is different as people rarely have the same views, values, and needs. For this reason, one will not receive just one answer if they were to ask different couples what they think is the key to a successful relationship. Unfortunately, there is no manual when it comes to love and successful relationships; the truth is that the partnership between people is the most important thing in any relationship.

Taking this idea further, if you and your partner can relate to these 5 things then your relationship is strong, healthy, and fulfilling.

1. You allow each other to express yourselves freely

A healthy partnership is one in which both people feel like they are free to express themselves in whatever way they wish and whenever they need to. This means that they do not feel controlled, held back, or limited in their relationship; instead, they feel supported and encouraged to be who they truly are.

2. You respect each other’s boundaries

It is vital that partners discuss and respect each other’s needs and boundaries; this includes emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, or boundaries around external relationships. Being in a healthy relationship means knowing each other’s boundaries and respecting them.

3. You make important decisions together

Partners in successful relationships make decisions as a couple. In other words, they discuss things together and value one another’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions.

4. You are equally invested

One-sided relationships never succeed. The best relationships are those that are built on equal efforts. Both partners need to be equally invested in a relationship in order for it to succeed.

5. You trust one another

Having mutual trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. A lack of trust can destroy a relationship – even if partners love each other deeply. Trusting each other means feeling comfortable with being vulnerable and having faith that you will not be betrayed.

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