5 Signs Of An Insecure Person

Insecurity stands in the way of our happiness and success.

Insecurity lies to us and makes us believe that we are not good enough. What is worse, it makes us miss opportunities that could make us happy and allow us to grow. Taking this further, insecure people often shy away from doing things and meeting people out of fear that they will prove what they have thought all along: that is, that they are inferior.

Are your friends and family members insecure?

Noticing how your friends and family members feel can be challenging. While it is easy to see and understand how we feel, it is difficult to recognize that the people around us might be insecure. In addition to this, more often than not, people try to hide their insecurities as they feel ashamed or embarrassed. In reality, nothing is embarrassing about feeling insecure.

There are five ways you can spot an insecure person.

1. They brag and gloat incessantly.

Insecure people often overcompensate by trying to show off their accomplishments. They tend to brag about their achievements in an attempt to convince themselves that they are good enough.

2. They have extremely high standards.

To prove that they are worthy, they will strive for perfection. In other words, they set unrealistically high standards for themselves and often end up disappointed as they cannot achieve their goals.

3. They never seem satisfied.

Despite their accomplishments, they never feel fulfilled. Even though they may brag about how successful they are, they seem to always want more. This reveals that they are unhappy with themselves and that they seek happiness or validation from the world outside of them. 

4. They tear others down.

In an attempt to make themselves seem superior, an insecure person can resort to tearing others down. They may point out their flaws and shortcomings or even try to sabotage them in order to make themselves feel better.

5. They are always offended.

When people allow their insecurities to take control, they cannot handle a sarcastic comment or joke. They take everything personally and are always deeply affected by what people say as they believe that they are unworthy.

Realizing that your friends or family members are insecure can allow you to help them regain their confidence. 

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