4 Reasons Why Introverts Are More Self-Aware Than Extroverts

Introverts tend to be more self-aware than most people.

It is to be expected that those who spend most of their time in solitude have a better understanding of themselves than those who are constantly surrounded by people. For this reason, introverts tend to be much more self-aware than extroverts as rather than going out, they tend to prefer spending time alone. In addition to this, there are four main reasons why introverts have high levels of self-awareness.

1. Introverts find introspection natural

Introspection is not only natural and easy, but it is something that introverted people actually enjoy doing. That is, they are curious about what they can find about themselves when they dive into their inner world. They observe their thoughts and emotions, reflect on the things they notice, and make important conclusions about their habits, triggers, beliefs, and values.

2. Introverts treasure solitude

Introverts treasure the time they spend on their own as it allows them to recharge their batteries. It is important to note that all interactions – no matter how small – can overwhelm and exhaust an introvert. For this reason, they often need to isolate themselves and recharge. What is more, they take their quiet time to reflect on the things going on in their lives. In doing so, they become more aware of the things that happen at work, at home, and in their relationships.

3. Introverts are excellent listeners

It is well known that introverted people tend to be good listeners. While they may not be the perfect people to run to for advice, they are the go-to people for those who just need someone to hear them out. As a result of their incredible ability to listen carefully and attentively to their friends and family, introverts have learned to also listen to themselves. This means that they understand the needs and wants of their minds and bodies better than anybody else.

4. Introverts use hobbies as a form of self-expression

Whether it is writing, drawing, dancing, or something else, introverts indulge in hobbies through which they can express themselves. More often than not, these hobbies and activities allow them to find out things that they did not know. While extroverts may engage in group activities, introverts prefer having hobbies that they can enjoy on their own. These hobbies usually allow them to dive deep into their inner world and reach new levels of self-awareness.

Self-awareness can help introverts make decisions more easily. Subsequently, if used wisely, it can help them navigate through life more smoothly. 

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