3 Simple and Soothing, Self-Care Practices for Empaths

Empaths are sensitive people who care deeper than most.

An empath’s ability to care deeply and feel great compassion means that they can easily become overwhelmed. They often feel drained and fatigued as they absorb the negative energies and emotions of those around them. In turn, they become more liable to anxiety, stress, anger, and deep sadness. Margarita Tartakovsky, MS writes that ‘according to Tanya Carroll Richardson, a professional intuitive who works with empaths, “Empaths have a hyper-perceptive emotional and energetic system, which means they simply pick up on more,” leading them to become overstimulated very quickly.’ As a result, they often find themselves feeling physical, mental, and/or emotional burnout.

To ensure that they do no experience this burnout, there are 3 simple and soothing, self-care practices which they must adopt:

1. Create daily buffers

Daily buffers can help you refill your cup and recharge your batteries. For example, Richardson suggests simple practices such as ‘reading an uplifting book before bed, solving a puzzle with the kids, or snuggling with a pet and watching an episode of your favorite comedy’.

2. Create a sanctuary at home 

Having a large and safe ‘sanctuary’ space just for yourself is extremely beneficial. A space like that can make you feel instantly calm and relaxed. Richardson notes that a shared space (like a bathroom) can also be turned into a sanctuary if you assign a ‘sanctuary time’ for yourself. She suggests putting on soothing music and using essential oils.

3. Enter observer mode.

While being empathetic is a gift, it can also be a curse. Work on entering observer mode whenever your friends, family (and even strangers) confide in you. Always putting yourself in their position and feeling their pain is extremely draining. Visualize yourself being in your own bubble, looking out and observing. This allows you the protect yourself and your emotions while still caring and being supportive.

Empaths are precious, genuine, and kind-hearted people without whom the world would be a terrifying place. In order to preserve these qualities and their overall wellbeing, it is vital that they take care of themselves with these simple practices.

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