12 facts you need to know about dating men with low self-esteem

Dating someone with low self-esteem can be extremely challenging. 

Does your partner constantly seek validation and rely on you to make them feel whole? If so, you might be in an unhealthy relationship. Being in a relationship with a man who has severely low self-esteem can impact your mental health and hinder you from growing. Usually, this is because their lack of confidence and self-esteem can make them jealous, possessive, and controlling. Alternatively, they can begin to tear you down in an attempt to make themselves feel superior.

There are eight signs that your partner has alarmingly low self-esteem.

1. He cannot handle constructive criticism

When people feel insecure in their abilities, they often struggle with constructive criticism. Dating someone who believes that every piece of advice is a personal attack can be exhausting. 

2. He puts you down

People with low self-esteem try to make themselves feel superior by bringing others down. Therefore, dating someone who is insecure means being discouraged and bullied by the one person who is supposed to love and support you. 

3. He craves your attention

He is emotionally needy and always demands your undivided attention. Of course, this will leave you feeling drained. However, you cannot imagine telling him how he makes you feel as you know that he will feel crushed and rejected.

4. He needs constant validation

It is not surprising that a man with alarmingly low self-esteem will relentlessly seek validation. This means that he relies on you (as well as his friends and family) to make him feel as though he is enough. 

5. He brags about his success

While one should always feel proud of their accomplishments, they should never brag or gloat. Unfortunately, a person with low self-esteem will incessantly remind everyone of their success so that they can feel superior.

6. He is a sore loser

This person cannot handle failure or loss as it reminds them that they are not good enough. For this reason, a simple board game can turn into a serious argument when the person you are dating is emotionally immature.

7. He relishes in other people’s failure

When other people fail, it makes him feel superior. If he relishes in the failures of others, he not only lacks self-esteem but also compassion and empathy.

8. He is possessive

An insecure partner will be jealous, controlling, and possessive. He might try to control who you go out with, what you wear, and where you go. In other words, he will have trust issues which will cause a toll on your relationship. If this is the case, you need to walk away immediately.

Unsurprisingly, a relationship with such a partner can harm your wellbeing in several ways.

1. You become pessimistic

After being in a relationship with someone negative and cynical, your attitude will change. You may notice yourself become more and more pessimistic the longer you stay with them.

2. Your self-esteem decreases

If your partner has constantly pointed out your flaws and dismissed your accomplishments in order to make themselves feel better, you will eventually feel as though you are not good enough.

3. You feel emotionally drained

Being with someone who requires constant attention and validation can be challenging. You will find that you have started to neglect yourself in order to please them and give them the care they need. Subsequently, you will be left feeling drained and exhausted.

4. You confuse toxic behavior with love

Initially, you had promised yourself that you would never tolerate abuse or toxic behavior. However, you now find yourself lost and confused as you do not understand what has happened and how you have allowed your partner to treat you this way.

If your partner’s low self-esteem is affecting your relationship, you need to gently explain how they are making you feel. While they may initially feel crushed and rejected, they are also likely to consider seeking help. If not, then you might have to step back and reevaluate your relationship’s future.

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