5 Definite Signs Of Toxic Behavior You Can Spot in a Few Moments

It can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a person is good or bad when we’re in desperate need of company.

But being aware of the potential toxic traits early on is crucial as it can shield us from sinking into a dead-end friendship with someone who will eventually harm us.

So here are 5 red flags you need to pay attention to when you are meeting a person for the first time.

1. They always focus on the negative

On a day full of sunshine, this person looks at the cloud in the sky and frowns with disappointment. And if you happened to not spot it, they will make sure to show it to you.

If they focus too much on the negative sides of life, such a person might just be looking for an emotional dumpster to unload their negativity onto. Do not let them drain your energy and use you in this way!

2. They are self-absorbed

If they’ve started sharing their entire history with you the first time you’ve met, along with their deepest worries and troubles, be sure that you’re dealing with a toxic person.

If this person expects you to be strongly interested in their life but doesn’t even bother to remember your name, do not even think about meeting up with them again.

3. Constant bragging

Such people never miss an opportunity to tell you all about their minor to bigger achievements in life. How much money they earn, how many compliments they receive, or how well they did back in high-school.

And if you happen to forget one of these things, don’t worry, they’ll keep reminding you on a regular basis. So, better stay away and save yourself the headaches.

4. They don’t hesitate to ask you for big favors

If this person feels at ease to ask you for money or any kind of help you normally would only ask from a loved one, this is a definite red flag.

Whether they jump straight into asking you to help them move, or if they could borrow your car for the weekend, know that this person is trouble. If you sense that something doesn’t feel quite right, don’t blame yourself for walking away.

5. Trust your gut

If you find yourself with an eerie feeling of discomfort when in the company of that person, trust your gut and run for the hills. Envision what it would be like to get more involved with them and what that would ultimately mean for your wellbeing. Yeah, there’s no way it can go right…

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