10 Things To Do After Sex To Improve Your Relationship

Intimacy. What a wonderful word. Sadly, many people associate it solely with the physical side of things. Well, sex is undeniably an amazing way to connect with your partner, but there is so much more to be actually close to one another.

We should aspire to be great in bed even after we finish making love. There are certain things we can do to intensify our romantic bonds and take them to another level.

Do you want to bring a dash of closeness to your relationship?

Here are 10 things to do after sex to intensify the intimacy between one another: 

1. Take a shower together.

Taking a shower after sex is a must, so why not do it together? A quick shower or a romantic bubble bath will help you cool off and bond on another level. Who says intimacy should happen only in the bedroom. Besides, you will be helping the environment by saving water. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Indulge into a cuddle session. 

Cuddling after you and your partner have been physically intimate can be a real game-changer. It brings you closer to one another and gives your relationship a sense of tenderness.

3. Take a nap.

Falling asleep cuddled up with your bae is one of the most amazing feelings ever. Taking a nap together gives you a closeness you can never reach while having sex.

4. Make pancakes together. 

After a heated bedroom session, you might need to restore your energy levels. So, hop into the kitchen and make some delicious pancakes, or whatever it is you feel like snacking on. Cooking together is one of the sweetest couple things to do.

5. Take it to bed.

Don’t make your bed the second you finish with your sensual games. Instead, go into the kitchen, make those pancakes, and bring them to the bedroom for a lovely snack in bed. If you are worried you might make a mess, just be careful not to spread Nutella on your bedsheets, and everything will be alright.

6. Netflix & Chill.

Okay, the chill part may be over, but you can still appreciate a nice movie while resting after some passionate lovemaking. Just grab some popcorn, cuddle up, and put on a sweet romantic comedy or whatever floats your boat. It doesn’t matter what you’re watching, as long as you’re enjoying your time together.

7. Put your records on. 

Listening to your favorite tunes will definitely intensify your relationship. Sharing the songs you love with your partner is like opening a certain part of yourself. It feels like expressing your feelings through music, which gives your connection a special kind of closeness.

8. Have a chat. 

When you’re in love, and you are close enough to share a bed together, then you should be able to talk about everything that’s on your mind. Communication is key, and that is an undeniable fact. Engaging in a deep conversation or even having a silly chatter after sex shows that your bond is strong, and it’s not only the physical intimacy that connects you.

9. Relax. 

After sex, your body and mind need to chill out and recharge. You can either meditate, do some of the previously listed things, or simply remain in bed and do nothing, as long as you do it together.

10. Go for another round.

What’s better than taking another round after you’ve had some time to recharge? While most of the abovementioned things help intensify your emotional connection, you should work on strengthening your physical bond as well. So waste no more time and go for part two. It should be as satisfying as the first one, if not even more!

What do you love doing right after sex? Do you have a favorite relationship-intensifying activity? Let us know in the comment section!

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