10 healthy things to do after sex to intensify your relationship

While a whole industry is devoted to telling us how to be better in bed, not much information is offered about what to do after sex.

When your breathing returns to normal and the adrenaline caused by the animalistic throes of passion subsides, what then?

Let us look at some things every couple is advised to form a habit of doing after they finish having sex.

1. Shower together

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Showering together makes for an enjoyable shared experience, a way to feel refreshed and come down from your high before going to sleep or getting on with your day.

And why not even take a long bubble bath? Besides being a great chance for further bonding, it can also be an opportunity for another run…

2. Cuddle

Cuddling straight after sex is likely the number one thing to do if you want to take your relationship one level further. It will bring you closer when you feel most vulnerable and after making love, it makes your bodies even more used to each other.  And yes, men also like to cuddle!

3. Hit the gym

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Honestly. If you still have any energy left after your bed session, you may want to use it to go to the gym. Some say that higher testosterone levels after sex mean you can give your all in the gym and build muscle more effectively. However, you shouldn’t head out straight away: you’ll need to recharge your batteries slightly to make sure you’ll be up for a full workout.

4. Go to pee

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Many women use the bathroom immediately after sex and this is often because they want to lessen the chances of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI). For men, this is less of a risk since men’s urethras are longer but if you are using the pull out method peeing between sex sessions peeing will reduce the risk of sperm finding its way to an egg by a lot. While having a bad reputation, the pull-out method is actually quite effective. For every 100 women who use this method effectively only, 4 will get pregnant.

5. Watch a movie

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You don’t have to watch some complex drama or a documentary, you can watch a silly reality show or a chick flick. The point here isn’t the content you two are watching, as long as you lie in each other’s arms and have a good time.

6. Cook 

As the old saying goes, one of the ways to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

There’s something magical about entering the kitchen with your partner to prepare a tasty meal for both of you after sex. And it doesn’t even have to be anything extraordinary complicated; it can be whatever you would both enjoy at the time.

7. Compliment your significant other

If you want to improve your shared sex life, you should start by boosting their confidence. Research has shown that women with high self-esteem tend to be more sexually satisfied. And unless you have no soul, you will also get more enjoyment out of sex if your girl is enjoying every minute of it.

“Women often feel self-conscious about their bodies and their attractiveness,” says certified sex therapist Deborah Fox. “They’re bombarded many times daily with what the media portrays as an attractive woman, which few can live up to.”

So, in the afterglow, when you lay down cuddling, tell her that she’s beautiful, that she’s hot, tell her how much her body turns you on, and how crazy you are about that thing she does…

8. Why not do it again?

Why not? You’re in the right place, there’s nothing else to do, and you’re already “dressed” for the occasion. Take it slow and have another go. Besides, it can always be a chance for some improvement!

9. Listen to some relaxing music

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Listening to music after sex is a great way to intensify your relationship as it has a soothing effect on the brain. Instead of choosing some trashy pop, something aggressive, or melancholic, put on some classical music or anything that helps both of you relax. If you don’t have anything particular in mind at the time, there are always some ambient sounds of nature you could listen to.

10. Fall asleep in each other’s arms

One of the most wonderful feelings in every relationship is falling asleep in each other’s arms. This is a sign of the greatest trust, as you both show readiness to even share your unconscious moments with each other.

And if you don’t feel like falling asleep just yet, spend a little time lying together with your eyes shut. This practice will inevitably bring great peace to your relationship.

Are you putting any of the abovementioned in practice in your relationship? Do you think we may have missed some important points? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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