10 Telltale Signs He Just Might Be God Sent

God made you. Then he made me. Then he whispered ‘meant to be.’ 

– Unknown

You have been going out with a seemingly good man for some time now and you are wondering where your relationship is going. 

Are you truly in love with him? Is he in love with you?

Love is a wonderful thing, but how can you tell for sure if you’ve found the right one? Before you start making further plans, make sure he ticks the following boxes…

Here are 10 signs he just might be God Sent.

1. You share the same values

There are certain crucial things partners should be able to agree on.

Your man should share the same core values, beliefs, and morals as you. You need someone who will be able to teach these values to your children.

He should be able to respect your values and morals and would not try to push you to give up on them.

2. He practices what he speaks

Words are pointless without actions. So even if he speaks God’s words, if he doesn’t follow through on them himself, it should be safe to assume that he is only pretending and not really the man sent to you from above.

3. He knows how to listen

He has a deep desire to know you. He is interested in your likes and dislikes. He wants to understand what your hopes, your ambitions, and your ultimate dreams in life are because he wants to know how he could fit in properly. You are different in many ways, but when it comes down to the most important things, such as family and career, your dreams need to meet somewhere in the middle.

4. He doesn’t corrupt your good nature

God won’t send you someone who will ruin your positive attitude in life, your good habits, and your pure character. This is why you must ask yourself if he inspires you to grow into a better person or does his influence slowly push you towards the wrong path?

5. He deeply respects you

He has the utmost respect for you. He treats you with the respect deserving of a child of God. His dreamlike chivalry will remind you of your true value. He will honor and desire you with dignity, and he will love you with every fiber of his being.

6. He sacrifices for you

God made great sacrifices to show his boundless love to us. If a man loves you from the bottom of his heart, he will also make sacrifices in your honor. This could mean sacrificing something in order to save your relationship, such as material possessions or anything else that would drive you apart from each other.

7. He wants to please you

He loves to see you smile and will do everything in his power to please you. Maybe he will take you to see different places as often as possible, surprise you with breakfast in bed, or give you unexpected gifts. But just be certain that he has a true need to please you and it’s not just a short-lived impulse to impress you.

8. He is forgiving

Does he truly forgive you for your wrongdoings and mistakes or do you feel that he holds grudges in his heart? This is a vital question that you need to be able to answer to yourself in order to know whether he truly is God Sent.

9. He encourages you to use your talents and gifts for good deeds

As people of faith, we are called to praise God in everything we do, and this is especially true when it comes down to using our blessings in life – our talents and our skills. You will be certain that he is the one if he encourages you to use your unique strengths to do good in the world.

10. He is faithful to you

If you regularly catch him flirt with other women, then you know he’s certainly not the one for you. The one sent to you by God should be faithful and fully committed to you at all times.

We hope this article brightened your day. Let us know if you believe we may have missed some important points by joining the conversation in the comments and please share this piece if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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