10 Signs Your Best Friend Might Actually Be Fake

Nobody wants to believe that the one person they confide in and rely on might be fake.

Having a best friend who you love and trust can be one of the nicest things in the world. A best friend is someone who you know will be there for you as you will for them. They are the family you choose and the people you know will never judge you. For this reason, when you find out that your best friend does not actually have your best interests at heart, you could be left shocked and heartbroken.

If you worry that the one person you trust, love, and support unconditionally could be fake, watch out for these ten signs:

1. They make everything about themselves

Even if you meet up to discuss the issues in your life and the hardships that you are facing, a fake friend will turn the conversation around so that they can be at the center. If this sounds familiar, it is possible that your best friend might not care about your struggles as much as you do about theirs.

2. They constantly complain and argue with you

A best friend would rarely complain about you or argue with you. In fact, those who love and support you do everything they can to ensure that your relationship does not get hurt. This means that when an issue arises, they will sit you down and talk it through until you both resolve it. A fake friend, on the other hand, will constantly and unnecessarily argue and complain.

3. They do not share their personal life with you

It can be heartbreaking when you confide in someone and later realize that they never actually share anything with you. If they change the topic even when you ask them direct questions about their life, then they might not see you as a best friend they can trust.

4. They constantly compete with their friends

People who are in constant competition with their friends are toxic as they tend to be envious of their accomplishments and achievements. Taking this further, these people always want to be the best and may even tear you down just so that they can seem better.

5. They only contact you when they need something

A best friend is someone who is there for you through thick and thin. They should stand by your side when times are good and have your back when times get hard. However, not all friends are loyal and true. Fake friends only acknowledge you when they need something.

6. They gossip about their other friends

If you hear your friend talking negatively about someone and then see them acting like they are best friends when they meet them, you should stay away. More often than not, this means that even though they are nice to your face, they are probably talking behind your back too.

7. They make excuses and cancel plans

Some people are skilled at not making it obvious that they do not want to see you. However, if you notice that every time you make solid plans, they mysteriously cancel on the same day, then it is probably not a coincidence. In this case, you should step back and analyze your friendship.

8. They are a magnet for drama

Constantly gossiping, spreading rumors and getting involved in drama could be a red flag. The reason for this is that they could be gossiping and spreading rumors about you in the same way that they do about others. What is more, you might find yourself immersed in their drama simply by being associated with them.

9. They constantly lie to you

If you find yourself often wondering why the things your friend says do not add up, they could be lying to you. Often, people do not want to believe that they are being lied to by the one person they trusted the most. With time, however, their lies will become impossible to ignore and you might end up heartbroken and betrayed.

10. You have a gut feeling

Sometimes, your gut feeling and the little voice inside your head are right. Pay attention to how you feel and be curious about why you feel that way. Listen to your intuition so that you do not cause yourself unnecessary harm.

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