10 reasons why many men find strong women intimidating

She has been through a lot. Her heart has been broken many times. But she always finds the power to pick up the pieces and rebuilt herself.

Do you know why? Because she is a strong woman

She is a strong woman because she carries herself through life independently. She is a strong woman because she is ambitious, determined, and relentless. This amazing woman is strong because she knows what she wants and how to accomplish it.

If you are in love with a strong woman, then you are the luckiest person on earth! However, some men are not tough or reasonable enough to handle such a fierce lady.

Here are 10 reasons why strong women may seem intimidating

1. Strong women demand honesty. 

She is not someone you can easily fool, and if you dare to try, she would instantly cut you off. It won’t be because she is coldhearted, but because she values integrity too much to let someonе disrespect her by lying to her face. If there is something you are trying to hide from her, better come out and let it all out because, sooner or later, she will find out. And when she does, she will be hurt, even though she won’t show it. So, if you truly care about her, be respectful enough to treat her with integrity.

2. Strong women are incredibly perceptive.

Don’t bother coming up with face scenarios to fool her because she can see through your lies. Since she values honesty so much, and she is always authentic, she expects the same from you. She will never tolerate hypocrisy and dishonesty, so trying to deceive her will be absolutely fruitless.

3. Strong women don’t need a man to protect them.

Cher, a queen of pop music and an incredible example of a strong woman, once said: “A man is absolutely not a necessity… I love men! I think men are the coolest! But you don’t need them to live.” 

In other words, while being in love and having someone who supports you and lifts you up is wonderful, females who have their life together don’t really need a man to feel complete. They have learned how to handle life on their own, so having a caretaker is not what they are looking for. Instead, they would love to share their life with someone who understands them, inspires them to follow their dreams, and never limits their free spirit.

4. Strong women know what they want.

Knowing what you want is an essential skill that helps you immensely throughout your life. Strong ladies are definitely aware of that, since they have a clear picture of what they want to achieve, and, most importantly, how to achieve it. They won’t wait for something or someone to get exactly what they are aiming for. While they know that their determination may be intimidating to some, strong babes believe in themselves and would stop at nothing to turn their dreams into reality.

5. Strong women don’t get intimidated by intimacy.

Any lady who considers herself strong and self-assured is perfectly aware of her feminine side and is not afraid to show it. Being independent does not interfere with being tender and delicate. In other words, if your woman is confident and knows what she wants, then she won’t be afraid of expressing intimacy or get intimidated by it, whether it’s sensual or purely physical.

6. Strong women don’t wait for love.

She isn’t someone who is willing to put their life on hold for a significant other. When she loves, she loves deeply, with a passion that is powerful enough to burn the whole world to the ground. That’s why she would never allow herself to wait for someone who isn’t sure if she is the one or has the audacity to doubt the authenticity of her feelings.

7. Strong women embrace vulnerability.

Many people struggle to open up about their raw, genuine feelings, but strong women are not amongst them. They know in their hearts that they have nothing to hide, so instead of building high walls around themselves, they embrace vulnerability in the most beautiful ways. What’s more, whenever they spot someone having a hard time opening up, they would do everything in their power to create a comforting environment for that person to feel safe expressing their true emotions.

8. Strong women are intense, and they don’t try to hide it.

Strong women are strong for a reason. They have been through hundreds of challenges in their life. They have been dealing with pain, loss, rejection, disappointment, and many more adversities that helped them become who they are. Their hearts have been broken too many times. Sure, they can be intense at times. But their intensity is what makes them so thrilling to be around. It gives them that special something that draws your attention to their unique persona.

9. Strong women bring out the best of you.

If you have a strong woman in your inner circle, or even better, if your partner is such an admiring lady, then you know how uplifting she can be. Her presence carries so much positive energy that only a minute with her can brighten your whole day. She always knows what to say to give you hope and to motivate you to move forward. Besides, whenever you feel lost, she always knows how to remind you of who you are and give you the kick you need to keep going.

10. Strong women love unconditionally. 

She is willing to do anything for love, as long as she feels it’s worth the effort. She won’t judge, criticize, or try to put you down for who you are. Instead, she will accept you with all of your flaws and imperfections and she will love you for who you are. Purely, passionately, and unconditionally.

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