10 definite signs you are an ALPHA female and people find you intimidating

As an alpha female, you are a strong woman who knows what truly matters in life.

You are not afraid to pursue the success you desire, no matter the cost. But you are also all-giving, and you have the ability to lift others up in their darkest hours.

Some people may find your fierce personality intimidating. However, the real ones know that you are an amazing human being, and they look up to you for it.

If you can relate to those words…

Here are 10 signs you are an alpha woman, and people may find you intimidating.

1. You don’t get intimidated.

You are an adventurer who is constantly on the look for new challenges. Thanks to your admirable open-mindedness and your curiosity for the world around you, you see opportunities in every single situation. What would stress a normal person out would inspire you to dig deeper and turn the drawbacks into possibilities.

2. You chase after your dreams. 

As an alpha woman, you have a robust determination to make your dreams come true. You work hard on accomplishing every single goal you set because you know that all the efforts will eventually pay off.

3. You don’t let anything hold you down. 

No matter how many people doubt your potential and how many difficulties you need to overcome, you never allow anything to stand in your way. You know what you want, and nothing has the power to stop you from getting it.

4. You encourage others.

There are people in your life who don’t believe in you. They tell you that your goals are too unrealistic, your dreams are unachievable, and the journey you are heading on is not worth it. But you never let them discourage you. In fact, you lift them up. You have a way of bringing out the best in those around you. The alpha female in you gives a sense of meaning to the ones she loves when they have lost their purpose.

5. You own up to your mistakes.

You are a strong woman, but you are also a human being. Therefore, it is only natural that you’re going to make mistakes. However, you have the audacity to own up to those mistakes, apologize to the people you have hurt, and face the consequences of your actions. In today’s world, having the decency to admit your wrongdoings is far too rare.

6. You value emotional intelligence

You weren’t born strong – you became strong by the storms you have survived. The hardships you have battled with have taught you that mental strength is much more valuable than physical superiority. They have made you emotionally intelligent, which helps you recognize other people’s feelings. Simply put, you now know when to stand up for yourself, when to show kindness, and when to step back.

7. You’ve got your life together. 

You are perfectly aware that you are not a child anymore, so you handle life as a grown woman. In other words, you don’t need to be told what to do or where to go in order to be on the right path.

8. You refuse to put up with toxic people. 

There is no place for toxic people in your life, even if they are family. Anyone who disregards your feelings and shows no respect for the things that truly matter for you is free to go.

9. You are the key piece in your friends’ group. 

You are the person that holds your group of friends together. If something important comes up and you can’t make it to the movies, for example, no one else is going. That’s because, as an alfa female, you are a natural leader. Therefore, you know how to bring life to the table and how to give emotional guidance when your friends need it.

10. You are a force of nature.

Your vibrant energy turns you into an exceptional human being. You have the power to positively influence everyone around you. You invest the same amount of effort into lifting others up as you do for turning your own dreams into reality. So what if you are a little more ambitious than others? This can only help you grow and accomplish everything you have ever wished for.

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