10 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Relationship Strong And Exciting

The thrill that is born in the first stages of a new relationship can make you feel like you’re in heaven. 

But as the excitement that comes with newness starts fading away, the relationship can start to feel like it’s becoming dull and uneventful. However, that doesn’t mean that it has to remain so. There are some effective steps you can take to keep a long-term relationship fresh and upbeat.

And here are 10 of them:

1. Spontaneity

Surprise presents, innovative home-made dinners, home renovations, and unplanned intimacy can do miracles when it comes to the longevity of a relationship. When you first start dating, the exciting and unexpected nature of spending time with someone new can feel like a true adventure. Keep that feeling going by thinking outside of the box when it comes to your relationship.

2. Plan regular dates

Many couples date regularly during the first stages of their relationship. But treating each other out to dinner gradually starts going to the backseat in exchange for nights on the couch. And while couching can definitely be a great thing, the relationship can become a little boring if things are not being mixed up a little. Plan out regular date nights so you can remind yourselves that you’re still a couple who takes themselves seriously.

3. Keep the fire burning by talking sexy

Research has shown that talking about sex can actually make you feel sexier and more satisfied in bed. Sometimes, when couples avoid talking about intimacy – the things they enjoy, what they want, and what they fantasize about – it can create a dull and repetitive sex life. Spicing up things and hearing each other out when it comes to sex can be a great aphrodisiac.

4. Don’t hold back on your feelings

A happy relationship should be ego-free. Never withhold love and forgiveness, no matter how upset you are with your other half. The same way you would want to be touched by your partner, to laugh and be forgiven for your mistakes, offer them the same. Holding back on your love when that inner feeling tells you what you’re doing is wrong can cost you dearly in the long run.

5. Kill your phone

Scrolling through social media for a big part of the day has sadly become a normality in people’s lives, but doing it too much when your significant other is around can create an unwanted distance between you two. It can even increase the likelihood of divorce in married couples. So, set your phone aside when you’re spending time with your partner and save yourself the heartache.

6. Spend time with other couples

Spending time with fun couples who are in healthy relationships can be great for you two. Try to go out with couples who have good morals and share similar values to yours. It can help greatly in reinforcing the crucial importance of commitment and help remind you to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

7. Set goals as a couple

The most common problem in relationships is money. The best way to deal with that is to talk and make plans together. And this also includes family goals.

Be honest with each other and set expectations you can both meet regarding your marriage and children. Commitment to marriage isn’t why people get tired of their relationships. It’s not being honest about what you truly want from your partner. Setting goals for the future will make you feel at ease and it will also make your relationship stronger.

8. Give each other unconditional support

Having someone rooting for your success by your side is vitally important. And if your partner is possessive and demanding, what you have will not last long. You should be helping each other to fulfill your dreams and hopes and not stand by when one of you needs support.

9. Travel

Traveling out of town or taking a trip to another country, if your finances allow it, is a must when it comes to keeping your relationship fresh and exciting. In addition, going on adventures together can reinvigorate your passion and love for each other.

10. Be forgiving

Whatever may have happened, keep in mind that your partner is human too. You are not the only one who grows and learns by making mistakes. Mistakes will be made by both of you and you must be willing to forgive each other if the mistake made is obviously not such a big deal.

We hope that this article was of help to you. Let us know your thoughts on the subject by joining the conversation in the comments and please share if you’ve enjoyed the read. 

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