The 10 Worst Parts of a New Relationship

The 10 Worst Parts of a New Relationship

When we think of new love, our minds often recall feelings of first date butterflies, first kiss fireworks, and pancakes in bed after a wild and wonderful first night together.

It’s easy to forget the awkward and terrible road bumps that it takes to get there. Don’t worry though – I’m here to remind you.

Here are the top ten worst things about a new relationship:

1. Meeting your partner’s friends and family.

It’s hard to be yourself when you’re sweating bullets and second-guessing your every move.

2. Defining the relationship.

Fun fact: this is the most uncomfortable topic of conversation known to man. It is also entirely necessary.

3. Your first fight.

It’s awful and it’s inevitable. Try to fight fair.

4. Fitting in personal maintenance.

Exercise, sleep, and healthy eating can easily fall to the wayside when you want to spend every second with your new beau. Don’t let these slide though – you’ll regret it.

5. Struggling to maintain your own identity.

Nobody wants to be a boyfriend chameleon, and nobody wants to date one, either. The same goes for women.

6. Letting your guard down.

 We’re all on our best behavior on the first date – but who can maintain that on the regular? The moment will come when you have to be honest about the true you, who hates jogging and can’t tell a glass of Gaja Barbaresco from a solo cup full of Franzia.

7. Explaining your relationship history.

Oh, the horror! There’s no way to come out of this conversation sounding less crazy or biased than you really are – unless you lie about it all.

8. Realizing your partner has exes, too.

Gross. Tell me everything. Wait, no. Please don’t. Okay, now can we go back in time to when I didn’t know you dated my math tutor?

9. The first time you introduce them as your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Go on, try to sound casual. You won’t. Everyone sees you looking at your partner for that awkward sign of acknowledgement and confirmation.

10. Being vulnerable for the first time.

You have to take the plunge – but what if that water turns out to be so, so cold?

If you are single, did you find yourself grinning and embracing the underrated comfort of living alone? If you are married, did you chuckle to yourself and thank God for the often underappreciated monotony of married life? Good – my work here is done. The next time you see a happy new couple kissing on the street, you can smile smugly to yourself knowing that number eight is coming their way.

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